CONNECT Music Licensing and Music Canada believe launched a brand novel video series, titled Concept Royalties Within the Digital Age, which clearly and succinctly explains key ideas and fundamentals about song royalties in Canada. The series expands on knowledge from CONNECT’s in most cases-cited Music Royalties Explained infographic, and objectives to assist Canadian artist entrepreneurs fetch the general royalties they are entitled to. 

Made imaginable by the make stronger of Ontario Creates, the four share series of short, shareable movies explores the strategy of licensing, distribution, and producing earnings from the broadcast and public performance of song. The movies are: 

  • The Anatomy of a Music
  • Public Performance
  • Digital Distributors
  • The Hotfoot of a Music

“These movies are designed to model Canadian artist entrepreneurs with key knowledge about song rights, licensing, and how one can fetch royalties from the utilization of their song,” stated Catherine Jones, Vice President of CONNECT Music Licensing. “By clearly outlining the royalties that artists are entitled to when their song is archaic, these movies will relief extra artists fetch income and develop a living from their song.”

“All creators must believe a working notion of the royalties they are entitled to when their song is streamed on-line, played on the radio or broadcast in a restaurant, membership, bar, gym or dwell match venue,” stated Sarah Hashem, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at Music Canada. “These movies account for how artist entrepreneurs can register their works with the appropriate Canadians rights organizations, so that they’ll derive paid when their song is played.” 

“Empowering artists to imprint the intricacies of copyright and the mechanics in space for them to be compensated for their work is extremely crucial,” stated Miranda Mulholland, artist, and Artistic Culture Advisor at Music Canada. “Ensuring artists believe access to this recordsdata makes the general song ecosystem extra worthy.” 

The movies are now on hand on-quiz by skill of the CONNECT Artist Entrepreneur Virtual Resource Centre, and can very properly be viewed in any expose.

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