Final night time on Smallzy’s Surgical procedure, Smallzy brings you interviews from the crimson carpet of the MTV EMAs. At her first awards point to, artist GAYLE tells us what stunned her most regarding the crimson carpet and unearths she made her drummer place off their wedding so that they might be able to tour with Taylor Swift.


SMALLZY Congratulations on a huge year.

GAYLE Thanks. It’s been insane. I fabricate now not know what’s going on.

SMALLZY Teach me, is this your first MTV EMAs.

GAYLE It’s yes, it be my first award point to, to point to up to and manufacture the crimson carpet interview thing.

SMALLZY Stay you cherish that?

GAYLE It’s gorgeous superior. I fill to inform it be now not cherish what I concept, what I’d mediate it could perhaps well be but I relate it’s some distance.

SMALLZY What’s essentially the most gorgeous thing?

GAYLE I don’t mediate I spotted interviews happen on the crimson carpet. I steadily concept it used to be simply the cherish, camera section. And then I did now not trace, no color to the camera guys, or now not guys,

SMALLZY Other folks, yeah.

GAYLE I did now not trace that relate at you. Esteem they’re steadily cherish the ‘scrutinize to the precise, scrutinize to the left’.

SMALLZY Oh the Getty guys?

GAYLE Yeah they’re steadily cherish Look! And I’m a americans pleaser so I’m cherish, I don’t know the put to scrutinize and they’re cherish ‘Please, I must feed my family please scrutinize to the left!’ And I’m simply cherish I’m sorry I don’t know what to fabricate. Esteem, I do know, I do know, I do know, you might well even very well be guilting me into taking a fill a examine you. And I fabricate now not must scrutinize at you, but that’s gonna produce me scrutinize at you.


SMALLZY It’s been a huge year for you. What’s the opinion for 2023?

GAYLE So next year, I simply now not too prolonged ago chanced on out that I would perhaps be going on tour Taylor Swift.

SMALLZY Um yeah, you did!

GAYLE Look uncomprehendible. Yeah. And so I’m truly focusing on that.

SMALLZY How used to be that news dropped at you? Did you ship cherish a chicken, a pigeon? A marching band?

GAYLE I want wouldn’t that be superior? No, she saw me manufacture. And in some unspecified time in the future, we ended up getting linked. And he or she simply she said she used to be going to call me.

SMALLZY Did she call?

GAYLE And then she, she did, our managers ended up getting linked. But she used to be usually cherish, I’m gonna get to you. And I used to be cherish, cherish I do know she follows through alongside with her work. Yeah. And I used to be cherish, Successfully, what manufacture you need from me? Esteem, I had no clue. And he or she used to be cherish, she supplied me dates. And I for sure used to be cherish, Absolutely, I will manufacture one thing you question me to.

SMALLZY Doesn’t subject whose birthday or wedding you are at, I’m now not going.

GAYLE my drummer used to be getting married and I used to be cherish no, you might well even very well be now not sorry, to your wedding. Now not going on.

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