This week, Canada hit a predominant milestone in song listening. For the predominant time, Canadians streamed higher than 2 billion audio streams in a single week. The establish turn out to be launched this week by MRC Data, the most comprehensive global provider of recordsdata and analytics to the entertainment and song commerce. 

“A puny over two years ago Canada reached 1.5 billion weekly audio streams, and we are chuffed to piece that the country has fleet done another predominant milestone with 2 billion weekly audio streams,” acknowledged Settle Jonas, CEO P-MRC Data.  “With the Canadian audio streaming market currently up over 12 p.c year over year from 2020, we with out a doubt quiz of to witness more document weeks in due course.” 

“Two billion on-query audio streams in a week is a elephantine accomplishment for Canada’s song market,” acknowledged Patrick Rogers, CEO of Song Canada. “This quantity involves streams from licensed products and companies love Spotify, Apple Song, Amazon and TIDAL. These products and companies present song followers with on-query salvage admission to to bigger than 70 million licensed songs – a diploma of salvage admission to that’s ensuing in additional song being played and consumed than ever prior to.”

When taking a leer deeper into these impressive streaming numbers, Pop, Rock, Rap, Country, and Alternative Rock had the splendid quantity will increase over the previous few years, helping Canada reach the 2 billion weekly audio streams milestone.

“The two billion recordsdata point from MRC Data isn’t correct a quantity. It’s a benchmark that reflects how worthy Canadians love and value song,” persevered Rogers. “This fresh benchmark also demonstrates the amazing enhance that the recorded commerce has undergone over the previous decade. These streams came from licensed, on-query song products and companies which methodology that the creators within the help of this song are being compensated.”

“It’s vital to be wide awake that this 2 billion establish isn’t an annual stat. It isn’t a month-to-month stat. It is 2 billion streams in a single week,” added Rogers. “Subsequent week, MRC Data will restart their depend at zero, and Canadians will tune in opposition to 2 billion again – all by listening to their accepted songs and discovering fresh ones.”

“There is a good amount of talented artists vying to be heard on these platforms, and followers can hear their song when they need and the plot they need,” acknowledged Rogers. “In this incredibly aggressive market, document labels play a crucial blueprint, partnering with, and investing in, artists to help them manufacture ingenious and industrial success.”


Erica Meekes

Song Canada

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About Song Canada

Song Canada is a non-profit commerce organization that represents the predominant document companies in Canada:  Sony Song Leisure Canada, Original Song Canada and Warner Song Canada. Song Canada also works with one of the vital main self reliant document labels and distributors, recording studios, stay song venues, concert promoters, managers and artists within the promotion and charm of the song cluster.

About MRC Data

MRC Data is the most comprehensive global provider of recordsdata and analytics to the entertainment and song commerce and customers.  Established in 2019 with the acquisition of Nielsen’s song recordsdata analytics industry, MRC Data products and companies digital provider suppliers (DSPs), labels, airplay, and song shops. MRC Data’s recordsdata powers the Billboard charts, the commerce’s most total and effectively-respected database of charts all over all song genres. MRC Data merchandise encompass Song Connect, BDSradio and Song360, which collectively recall and symbolize the most tough dataset linked to song sales, performance, artist activity, and user engagement. MRC Data is section of P-MRC Data, a joint mission between MRC and Penske Media Corporation (PMC).

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