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Gaze: Daniel Craig struts his stuff in current vodka advert

Daniel Craig fans mentioned they’ll no longer stay hitting replay after he showed off some fantastic dance moves within the present Belvedere advert.

The dilapidated James Bond vital person has slipped off his tux and into some sunless leather-based fully as he struts his stuff within the present campaign for the vodka brand, which became directed by filmmaker Taika Waititi.

It presentations Craig in Paris, searching as suave as ever in a white jacket and shirt while fans and paparazzi use his checklist.

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He then adjustments accurate into a sunless sleeveless top and a leather-based fully jacket and starts to dance his manner down the boulevard and through a luxurious resort.

Daniel Craig struts his stuff in a new advert. (Belvedere/YouTube)

Daniel Craig struts his stuff in a current advert. (Belvedere/YouTube)

The vital person, 54, later swaps accurate into a white outfit and presentations off his fancy footwork as he dances by a swimming pool and all over a rooftop sooner than finding a cabinet containing a bottle of the booze.

Towards the cease, Waititi is seen as the director.

Daniel Craig appears in the new advert for Belvedere vodka. (Belvedere/YouTube)

Daniel Craig appears within the present advert for Belvedere vodka. (Belvedere/YouTube)

“Factual be your self,” he advises the James Bond vital person.

Fans posted messages on Twitter asserting they’ll also no longer ranking ample of the advert.

“How over and over are you able to hit the replay button on YouTube with out breaking it?” one person tweeted.

'Bond 25' is set to be Daniel Craig's fifth, and possibly final, outing as Ian Fleming's spy James Bond. (Credit: Eon)

The vital person is perfect known for taking part in 007. (Eon)

“Handiest watched this 50 cases, but can with out anguish attain 500 more,” mentioned another.

One person joked they’d to have a lie down in a heart-broken room after watching the clip.

“Daniel Craig after James Bond is a total current man,” mentioned someone else.

“And I esteem this trace.”

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - OCTOBER 08: Taika Waititi​ looks on during the Pool A Rugby World Cup 2021 New Zealand match between Australia and New Zealand at Eden Park on October 08, 2022, in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Fiona Goodall - World Rugby/World Rugby via Getty Images)

Taika Waititi​ directed the advert. (Fiona Goodall – World Rugby/World Rugby through Getty Pictures)

One called the advert “stupendous”.

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“No topic that is I esteem it and my Daniel Craig crush factual grew,” posted another admirer.

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