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Jack Antonoff Questions Venues Taxing Merch — “Young Artists on Tour Are the Last to Perceive Any Money.”

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Jack Antonoff merch comments

Assert Credit: Katie Fricker / CC by 2.0

Jack Antonoff questions why venues are taxing merch: “Young artists on tour are the most attention-grabbing to peek any money.”

Songwriter and superproducer Jack Antonoff took to Twitter so that you could perhaps add to the conversation in regards to the feasibility of touring. The latest in artist-led dialogue across the subject, Antonoff asks venues to end taxing artists’ merchandise: “That is actually the most productive system you manufacture money at the same time as you happen to launch out touring.”

“The more we manufacture it tenable for younger and limited artists to manufacture a residing on the avenue, the more worthy music we will have the choice to gain,” Antonoff added. “Touring isn’t very any doubt some of the most honest systems to manufacture a residing. A pair of of the hardest and most heartfelt work you could likely perhaps well additionally enact.”

“Cease taxing merch, end lying to artists about costs of striking on presentations, encompass artists in extra areas of income,” he concluded his series of tweets. “The experiences I could likely perhaps well repeat from my years touring are bananas. Young artists on tour are the most attention-grabbing to peek any money.”

Antonoff is the most recent artist to lend their affirm to the dialogue surrounding, as Lorde described, a “demented war to interrupt even or face debt.” Spiral Stairs no longer too lengthy ago tweeted that Live Nation “took 30% (of our merch) most attention-grabbing evening for doing NOTHING.”

In August, quite just a few of venues signed an agreement no longer to procure a decrease of artists’ merch gross sales after Tim Burgess of the Charlatans launched the kind Nottingham venue Rock City waived their frail decrease of merch gross sales in Would possibly maybe perhaps perhaps.

“They’ve listened to what artists are announcing,” says Burgess. “They positively didn’t know in regards to the size of it before the full lot. But tons more fans know now. So many mentioned that they sold merch as a system of supporting the band and (view) it helped with the costs of being on the avenue. It develop into a be-cautious call. It’s a launch, and I’m gay that quite just a few venues are listening.”

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