May possibly well 17, 2022, Toronto: Song Publishers Canada and Song Canada are excited to open their recent Songwriting and Song Publishing Award. The award celebrates songwriters’ and music publishers’ contributions to formally certified Canadian Gold and Platinum recordings. 

“Songwriters and music publishers have always played a an well-known role in the creation of Canadian songs ​​that are heard day-to-day on the radio, on streaming providers, in video video games, and on movie and tv productions viewed around the sector. We are proud to now have an award that namely recognizes and celebrates the contributions of songwriters and music publishers to Gold and Platinum certified songs,” said Margaret McGuffin, CEO of Song Publishers Canada. 

“Gold and Platinum Awards are known world-wide as markers of commercial success for artists and their groups – whether the artist has upright launched their first hit, or if they appear to be a world wide title organising the songs that outline a generation. We are tickled to lengthen our Gold and Platinum Program so as that it recognizes the close inventive working relationship between songwriters and performing artists and their groups,”  said Patrick Rogers, CEO of Song Canada.  “Canada’s music commercial is a dynamic and aggressive marketplace, built on creativity and collaboration. And upright as Canada’s main labels partner with music publishers to make stronger artists’ inventive and commercial targets, this award marks a brand recent level of partnership between our associations.”

The main award turned into presented final week all the procedure through JUNO Week to Serena Ryder, in recognition of her songwriting contributions to her Platinum-certified music “Feeble In The Knees.” The award turned into presented by ArtHaus Song and Song Publishers Canada, earlier than Ryder’s performance on the JUNO Songwriters’ Circle. 

As successfully, Soran, and his music publisher, Éditorial Avenue, were known with a plaque in a virtual presentation for their contributions to Johnny Orlando’s “Everybody Wishes You,” an authorized Gold Single.

“As both a publisher and songwriter, I’m very excited to search out the open of an award that recognizes the impression of both of those roles on organising songs that resonate with music fans” said Vincent Degiorgio, President of CYMBA Song Publishing and Chair of the Song Publishers Canada Board of Directors. 

Song Publishers Canada people who preserve publishing rights to songs contained in a Gold/Platinum certified recording are without a doubt eligible to notify the recent Award plaque for themselves, their sub-publishing partners as successfully because the credited songwriters who they characterize in Canada.


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Song Canada

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Song Publishers Canada

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About Song Publishers Canada

Song Publishers Canada is a non-revenue membership-based fully organization whose mission is to contain commercial alternatives for our people and to advertise their interests and those of their music writing partners through advocacy, verbal change, and education.  

About Song Canada

Song Canada is a non-revenue change organization that represents basically the most well-known myth firms in Canada:  Sony Song Entertainment Canada, Standard Song Canada and Warner Song Canada. Song Canada also works with some of the leading self ample myth labels and distributors, recording studios, are residing music venues, dwell performance promoters, managers and artists in the promotion and constructing of the music cluster.

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