Composer Tim Minchin spoke to Simon Mayo on his Most attention-grabbing Hits Radio order this evening (Monday) prior to the liberate of the movie model of his musical Matilda in cinemas this Friday.

Tim discusses why he didn’t win to look at any of the movie being filmed, how Emma Thompson is a ‘Dahl monster’ and the unparalleled performance from newcomer Alisha Weir that is at the coronary heart of the movie.

Tim explains how Covid supposed he missed out on seeing his musical Matilda being introduced to existence: ‘Matilda changed into performed fully with out me and it’s elegant on story of I’m the composer/lyricist – I wasn’t the director. I wasn’t concerned mighty, excluding when Matthew [Warchus, the director] changed into casting if I needed to I sing I will possess made a fuss but I don’t win concerned where I’m not wished. I largely sat motivate, as a substitute of I wrote a brand new song for it, and I in actual fact hoped I would win over to the UK and explore likely the most significant filming precise for my have pleasure and edification, but I changed into trapped in Australia via your entire duration.’

Tim on newcomer Alisha Weir who stars as Matilda: ‘I mediate it’s the top possible child performance I’ve ever seen in my existence on movie, it’s unparalleled. And after I enlighten the top possible we can all mediate of iconic kids in motion photos but what she has to preserve out vocally and emotionally it in actual fact is phenomenal, she is mainly unparalleled. Nevertheless it undoubtedly’s also as a consequence of along with her chemistry with Lashana Lynch, who is all straight away this big important person – she’s been in Marvel motion photos, she’s been 007 – and on this movie she is fully varied She’s such an unparalleled actress she becomes a entirely varied energy.

Emma Thompson is fully batty and bonkers and a steady Dahl monster and then at the coronary heart of this movie is the connection between Miss Honey and Matilda. There’s a moment in the movie that precise makes me weep. I don’t mediate it makes kids weep, which is precise on story of kids don’t treasure crying, but ought to you’re an grownup most adults treasure crying and this’ll elevate out it for you.’

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