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Kanye West Confirms His 2024 Presidential Drag

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Kanye West 2024 presidential run

Photo Credit: Kanye West Twitter

Kanye West says he’s going to speed for president all as soon as more in 2024 with the help of Milo Yiannopoulos.

Each males own been noticed by paparazzi over the weekend, with Yiannopoulos being described as “working on the campaign.” When asked if he had plans to speed for president all as soon as more, the rapper mentioned, “Certain, it’s clear-slice; it’s fair we’re transferring in direction of the lengthy speed.” Each Kanye West and Milo Yiannopoulos own been reinstated on Twitter following Elon Musk’s $44 billion takeover of the platform.

Yiannpoulos previously labored as an intern with the Marjorie Talor Green campaign, nevertheless it looks he’s moved on to Kanye. Kanye West previously ran for president in 2020–nevertheless the trouble became as soon as slapdash at most productive. Perchance the most infamous incident got right here from a rally wherein the rapper wore a bulletproof vest and broke down crying.

For the 2020 presidential election, Kanye West’s name handiest seemed on the pollof 12 states. He earned some 60,000 votes on election night, representing no longer as much as 0.1% of the final vote.

Since that failed presidential enlighten, Kanye West grew to became more and more erratic in behavior. His public split along with his wife, Kim Kardashian, got right here with a huge backlash in direction of Pete Davidson–who she dated proper away in a while.

Following antisemitic comments Kanye West made earlier this one year, he misplaced his billionaire space. Adidas and GAP both broke lengthy-time length partnerships with the rapper following those comments. Adidas has confirmed this would perhaps continue to sell its Yeezy-designed reveals below a particular name.

GAP has scrapped its partnership with the rapper fully. On October 25, the merchandiser pulled its complete line of Yeezy Gap clothing and shut down the salvage storefront at

“Antisemitism, racism, and disfavor in any perform are inexcusable and no longer tolerated in accordance with our values,” the retailer writes. “On behalf of our customers, staff, and shareholders, we’re partnering with organizations that strive against disfavor and discrimination.”

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