Shania Twain showed off a courageous throwback look as she seemed on the crimson carpet of the 2022 Folks’s Different Awards.

The singer donned an see-catching leopard print outfit before the ceremony, paying homage to that worn within the song video of her 1997 hit That Don’t Ticket Me Noteworthy.

Twain, 57, became this yr’s recipient of the Folks’s Different Music Icon Award as well to a performer at Tuesday’s ceremony.

2022 People’s Choice Awards

Shania Twain arrives at the Folks’s Different Awards (AP Picture/Chris Pizzello)

Arriving for the ceremony, she donned a gloomy and leopard-print personalized Rodarte costume with a sheer panel across her abdominal.

The ensemble also included a hood, equivalent to that worn within the video, wherein she wore a sweeping one-portion, with lengthy flared trousers and carried an identical leopard-print case.

Collecting her award, Twain remembered her dull mom and thanked her followers, telling them to “be the queen of you”.

2022 People’s Choice Awards

The singer wore an outfit paying homage to that from the song video from her 1997 hit That Don’t Ticket Me Noteworthy (Chris Pizzello/AP)

She recalled some of her early forays into iconic fashion moments that made her “an affect on current custom” having correct wanted “a engrossing pair of scissors, a gargantuan imagination”.

“I’ve enjoyed rising fashion moments in deal of my song movies over the years.

“I’ve, for celebrating the affect that I will even simply have had on current custom, it makes me smile when I’ve abet at the very first movies that I made, severely the denim on denim.

2022 People’s Choice Awards

Twain, 57, is this yr’s recipient of the Folks’s Different Music Icon Award as well to a performer at Tuesday’s ceremony (AP Picture/Chris Pizzello)

“I mean, I correct went by my closet, picked out no topic I had or I went to a department retailer and picked out the funds things resulting from they didn’t have a gargantuan funds.

“And you already know, what with a engrossing pair of scissors and a gargantuan imagination…I correct pulled and chopped and…hoped for the true.”

Other accepted faces pictured on the Folks’s Different crimson carpet on Tuesday included Ryan Reynolds, Carmen Electra, Billie Porter and Carrie Underwood.

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