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Georgia, Idaho, and New Hampshire Become Most up-to-date States to Ban TikTok for Government Workers

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Photo Credit: Solen Feyissa

Georgia, Idaho, and New Hampshire possess turn into the latest states to ban TikTok for presidency workers.

As TikTok faces increased scrutiny from the federal authorities over safety considerations, on the least 16 states possess taken legit action in opposition to the app since 2020, either in the invent of lawsuits or banning the app’s utilize on authorities devices. 

On Tuesday, a community of federal lawmakers led by Florida Senator Marco Rubio launched bipartisan guidelines entitled the “ANTI-SOCIAL CCP Act” to ban the app broadly all around the US. On Wednesday, the Senate unanimously permitted a separate invoice requiring TikTok to be some distance from all federal authorities devices.

TikTok officers possess released statements outlining the company’s data practices, which encompass constructing a US Data Security division and routing all US internet site visitors thru US-basically basically based servers. On the opposite hand, as of July, TikTok peaceable makes utilize of information centers in Singapore to retailer backup user data — but is predicted to delete those backups in an whole transition to the US-basically basically based Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The company peaceable “categorically denies” any allegations of mishandling user data, insisting that the accusations from authorities officers are “politically charged.”

“We’re disappointed that so many states are jumping on the bandwagon to full policies basically basically based on fake, politically charged falsehoods about TikTok,” says a TikTok spokesperson.

Several states and elected officers withhold legit pages on TikTok, similar to California’s Gavin Newsom and Colorado’s Jared Polis, each and each Democrats. Particularly, all actions that states possess taken in opposition to the app possess been led and launched by Republicans.

On December 15, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp despatched a memo to heads of sing agencies directing them to ban a lot of apps, at the side of TikTok, from sing-owned devices. The voice also bans apps take care of WeChat from China-basically basically based Tencent Holdings and Telegram, founded by Russian brothers but now basically basically based in Dubai. 

“The sing of Georgia has a accountability to forestall any strive and salvage admission to and infiltrate its genuine data and at ease data by foreign adversaries similar to the Chinese language Communist Celebration, (which) poses an ever-disguise nationwide safety threat to the US,” reads Kemp’s memo, which cites federal policies as successfully as contemporary comments from FBI Director Chris Wray as inspiration for the contemporary policy.

On December 14, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu signed an govt voice banning a lot of Chinese language apps and companies and products from sing-owned devices and networks, at the side of working with definite distributors for sing replace. The ban covers TikTok, Huawei Technologies, ZTE Team, Hytera Communications Corporation, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Firm, Dahua Technology Firm, Alibaba, and Tencent Holdings.

“New Hampshire is becoming a member of the rising list of states which possess banned TikTok and other Chinese language companies from sing authorities devices and networks,” says Sununu. “This switch will back settle on the safety, safety, and privacy of the electorate of New Hampshire.”

On December 14, Idaho Governor Brad Minute issued an govt voice banning sing officers from downloading or utilizing TikTok on sing-issued devices, which also directs the sing’s Place of job of Data Technology Products and companies to block TikTok on all sing networks.

“The communist Chinese language authorities can utilize TikTok to receive extreme data from our sing and federal authorities, and we are taking this step to provide protection to Idahoans and Americans from the wicked motives of a foreign authorities that does now not fragment our values and seeks to weaken and manipulate our country,” acknowledged Minute. “This contemporary ban to salvage rid of TikTok from sing-issued devices and networks will back provide protection to nationwide safety and Idahoans’ data.”

On December 13, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum issued an govt voice to ban TikTok from sing-owned devices. That identical day, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds issued a directive to the sing’s CIO to ban the app from sing-owned devices and prevent agencies from sustaining a TikTok presence.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey requested a ban on TikTok for presidency devices and networks on December 12. Utah Governor Spencer Cox issued an govt voice the identical day, banning TikTok from sing workers and prohibiting sing agencies and contractors from sustaining “branded” TikTok accounts.

Other states whose governors possess taken action in opposition to TikTok thru an legit memo or govt voice encompass TennesseeOklahomaNebraskaSouth CarolinaSouth Dakota, and Texas. Maryland’s Place of job of Security Administration issued an emergency cybersecurity directive earlier this month to ban the app and a lot of others from sing networks. Indiana’s Attorney Overall also announced a pair of lawsuits in opposition to TikTok on December 7, alleging that the app courts childhood to make utilize of it thru misleading advertising and marketing and marketing and that the company misrepresents its data-sharing policies.

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