John Mayer has debunked a rumour suggesting Your Body Is a Wonderland used to be written a pair of celeb.

It has been widely speculated the singer’s breakout sophomore single used to be about actress Jennifer Admire Hewitt as they dated spherical the same time the Grammy Award-successful monitor used to be released in 2002.

Nonetheless, loyal by an appearance on the Name Her Daddy podcast, John insisted he wrote the tune earlier than he had even met a celeb.

“That used to be about my first girlfriend,” he said. “That used to be about the feeling, which I specialise in used to be already kind of nostalgic… I used to be 21 as soon as I wrote that tune and I used to be nostalgic for being 16.”

When host Alex Cooper admitted she continuously thought it used to be a pair of celeb, whom she did no longer title, he replied, “No, that’s a form of issues where folks legal kind of formed that thought, it will get bolstered over the years. No, no, no. I had by no device met a celeb as soon as I wrote that tune.”

In other areas loyal by the interview, the 45-yr-frail published that he did no longer devour an “alpha” jock-vogue perspective at college.

“I didn’t possess a presence. So I specialise in that one in all the larger misnomers about me is that there is take care of a jocky-ness to me, you know?” he shared. “Love there is an alpha, musician jocky-ness to me and the underside line is, take care of, I went to college to secure it over with. And my existence started at three o’clock in the afternoon as soon as I came residence and played guitar.”

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