Nile Rodgers has hailed Thom Bell as “for sure one of the principal top seemingly musical geniuses of our time”.

The Grammy Award-worthwhile producer – who changed into once glorious identified as for sure one of the principal Mighty Three co-creators of the Sound of Philadelphia alongside with Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff – handed away on Thursday (22.12.22) on the age of 79 and the Easy well-known particular person has admitted he continually “worshipped” the songwriter and arranger.

He suggested Rolling Stone journal: I worshipped Thom Bell. He changed into once for sure one of the principal top seemingly musical geniuses of our time. I own him within the identical formula as Stevie Surprise or Burt Bacharach or Lennon and McCartney. He changed into once on that stage.

“As soon as in a while of us lift tune as a right, ‘It’s a pop tune.’ Nonetheless if you dissect it and in actuality listen to it and lift it apart and comprehend it on a granular stage, those records he made bear just among the staunch preparations you will also imagine, up there with Bacharach, Mancini, and Bach.”

Nile praised Thom for taking his songs far from the “extinct” R’n’B formula, which he credited to him being a “critically schooled musician”.

He added: “By listening to his preparations, instrumentation, and orchestration, you will also expose Thom changed into once classically trained, a critically schooled musician.

“For of us that checked out extinct R’n’B records on the time, they had been more gospel and blues essentially essentially based, within the occasion you will. That wasn’t where Thom changed into once coming from. He represented an air of sophistication and elegance. It changed into once soul tune that changed into once orchestral and pleasing.

“At any time after I’d check out the title Thom Bell on the records, I knew the tune changed into once going to be classy and soulful.”

And the 70-year-old musician admitted Thom had a enormous impact on his own career.

He talked about: “That sound changed into once so powerful a section of tune I cherished and revered that after I finally formed my very own band, we believed we had been the subsequent generation of Black upward mobility. We had been now not a gutbucket funk band. We weren’t the Ohio Gamers or Earth, Wind and Fire. We had been entirely Thom Bell-impressed, and that’s why we had strings and Luther Vandross as our background singer.

“It changed into once classy, which is what Thom represented to me and to different other of us. This changed into once now not simply hardcore, sweaty funk and R’n’B. This changed into once the starting up of a shimmery, very neat variety of R’n’B, which changed into once the inspiration for all the pieces that I’d assemble in my band Easy.”

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