Vin Diesel has published that Rapidly X’s official trailer is going to be launched round February 2023.

“No longer as a lot as 2 months away from the Rapidly X trailer birth!!!,” the 55-year-extinct actor wrote on Instagram on Tuesday (27 December).

The 10th movie, which is going to be the closing one in every of the Rapidly & Mad franchise, will likely be split into two parts.

Earlier this year, Diesel stated that he wants the closing Rapidly & Mad movie to be “the ultimate movie ever made”.

Speaking to Unilad, Diesel spoke regarding the franchise’s reputation.

“I feel so grateful and so blessed,” he stated. “On the same time, so impressed to are attempting to produce the ultimate movie that’s ever been made because the finale, the two-part finale.”

Within the interview, Diesel additionally mentioned the ending of Mad 7, which featured a touching tribute to slack co-extensive name Paul Walker.

“It would also honest be the ultimate 2d in cinematic history,” stated the actor. “No longer exact in my occupation however in cinematic history.

“Males round the arena comprise been allowed to – all people used to be ready to weep – however males round the planet, for the most well-known time in history, comprise been ready to weep collectively.”

Rapidly & Mad 10, officially titled Rapidly X, is expected to come in cinemas on 19 Might perhaps perhaps well also honest 2023.

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