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Megan Thee Stallion Rankings Early Victory in Very most practical Fight with 1501 Entertainment

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Megan Thee Stallion legal battle 1501 Entertainment

Photo Credit score: Sebastian Pichler

Megan Thee Stallion has scored an early victory in her fight against 1501 Entertainment. A Texas grasp has denied the brand’s query to luxuriate in her album One thing for Thee Hotties to be declared no longer an album.

The rapper’s $1 million lawsuit against 1501 Entertainment can now proceed to trial. 1501 Entertainment filed a question for a partial summary judgment aid in September. It argued that the courtroom could possibly possibly also level-headed bypass a trial totally and rule the work changed into no longer an album below the phrases of the rapper’s contract. Surely one of many explanations cited changed into that it “did not spend the lawful approval procedures.”

In response to her brand filing a motion for partial summary judgment, the rapper says her work with 300 Entertainment means the query could possibly possibly also level-headed be rejected for the following reasons. 

  • “[Megan Thee Stallion] worked with 300 Entertainment pursuant to the Distribution Settlement to organize One thing for Thee Hotties for originate.”
  • “300 Entertainment kept 1501 apprised of tendencies connected to One thing for Thee Hotties for months outdated to its originate.”
  • “[The rapper] delivered One thing for Thee Hotties to 300 Entertainment in a commercially and technically ample build in step with the Distribution Settlement.”
  • “300 Entertainment promoted One thing for Thee Hotties as [Megan Thee Stallion’s] upcoming album outdated to its originate.”
  • “300 Entertainment equipped 1501 with a hyperlink to One thing for Thee Hotties at the least three days outdated to its originate.”
  • “1501 Entertainment asserted no objection to One thing for the Hotties except two months after its originate.”
  • “One thing for Thee Hotties meets the definition for album below each the Artist Settlement and Distribution Settlement.”

The motion asserts that One thing for Thee Hotties satisfies the rapper’s ‘Minimal Recording Dedication’ for the second Option Duration below her contracts and her latest album Traumazine satisfies her ‘Minimal Recording Dedication for the third and final Option period.

Megan Thee Stallion filed her lawsuit against 1501 in February 2022. The brand then countersued her in March 2022. Now that a Texas grasp has rejected the motion to enlighten the works ‘no longer as much as an album,’ the lawsuit can proceed to trial. 

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