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Hunters, Shotgun Wedding and The Rig come to Prime Video UK in January. (Prime Video)

Hunters, Shotgun Wedding and The Rig come to Prime Video UK in January. (Prime Video)

Because the brand new year begins, Prime Video UK is unleashing some of its gargantuan weapons. Al Pacino is attend within the lead feature of drama series Hunters — despite his destiny within the first season — and there is some morally shadowy Nazi-looking out revenge being dished out all but again.

On the film entrance, the headline offering is Jennifer Lopez exhibiting she’s going to also be an bolt hero while wearing a gargantuan, white dress in Shotgun Wedding. Every other build, the likes of Mortal Kombat and Judas and the Murky Messiah are heading to streaming.

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Here’s what’s heading to Prime Video UK in January…

Contemporary movies coming to Prime Video UK in January 2023

Shotgun Wedding (27 January)

Pitch Ideal director Jason Moore takes the helm of this raucous romcom, which stars Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel as a pair making ready for a glitzy, dear commute living wedding.

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Nonetheless when the marriage birthday celebration is taken hostage and bullets originate flying, their gargantuan day becomes a fight for survival. As trailers breeze, this one is an absolute blast.

Contemporary TV shows coming to Prime Video UK in January 2023

The Rig (all episodes from 6 January)

A series of gigantic British actors — including Iain Glen and Line of Accountability’s Martin Compston — anchors this mystery thriller series, location on an oil rig miles out within the North Sea. Things originate to breeze contaminated when a fog cuts off their contact with the mainland, leaving them stranded of their opposed working environment, superb for the plan back to aggravate when a horrifying accident takes narrate.

Hunters S2 (all episodes from 13 January)

Al Pacino returns for the 2d and final season of this drama series, which specializes in a neighborhood of Nazi hunters within the 1970s. Pacino’s personality will figure as segment of a twin-timeline yarn, given his death at the discontinue of season one, while the repeat will furthermore reckon with the reasonably gigantic location twists of the first season’s finale. It’s unbiased to claim there have been some gargantuan swings, which cease this from being factual one other historical repeat.

The Test S2 (13 January)

Documentary series The Test takes a behind the scenes look at the Australia men's test cricket team. (Prime Video)

Documentary series The Test takes a within the attend of the scenes compare at the Australia men’s check cricket crew. (Prime Video)

Streaming products and companies have basically grown to admire skim-on-the-wall sports documentaries and this one, returning for its 2d season, follows the Australian men’s check cricket crew. It specializes within the 2021/22 check season, including a conflict with England and the discontinue of a 20-year spell by technique of which they by no device travelled to play Pakistan on their soil.

The Legend of Vox Machina S2 (20 January)

Adult animated series The Legend of Vox Machina returns for a second run this month. (Prime Video)

Adult interesting series The Legend of Vox Machina returns for a 2d slouch this month. (Prime Video)

Based on the massively licensed Dungeons & Dragons web series Severe Position, this grownup interesting repeat is attend all but again. This time around, Vox Machina are compelled to receive a scrutinize at to establish the field again when a possibility emerges from the Chroma Conclave — a terrifying neighborhood of dragons.

Nate Bargatze: Hello World (31 January)

Nate Bargatze brings his latest stand-up special to audiences globally via Prime Video. (Prime Video)

Nate Bargatze brings his most up-to-date stand-up particular to audiences globally by technique of Prime Video. (Prime Video)

After two stand-up specials for Netflix over the final few years, Nashville-born humorous Nate Bargatze is bringing his most up-to-date performance to Prime Video. Recorded on a 360-level stage in Phoenix, Arizona, this new particular is one other showcase of Bargatze’s relatable cloth.

Other movies and TV to discover on Prime Video UK in January 2023

1 January

Appropriate Luck to You, Leo Grande (2022)

18 January

Mortal Kombat (2021)

30 January

Judas and the Murky Messiah (2021)

Interrogate: Trailer for Judas and the Murky Messiah

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