Premieres showcasing stars including Kelly Macdonald, Paul Mescal and Emily Watson will feature at this year’s Glasgow Movie Festival.

The 19th annual model of the competition will host extra than 250 screenings and events at Glasgow Movie Theatre (GFT) and various venues across the metropolis.

The competition will originate on March 1 with the UK premiere of Glasgow creator-director Adura Onashile’s feature movie debut, Lady, which tells the memoir of a mom and her 11-year-light daughter making an strive to assemble a brand recent existence in Glasgow.

At some stage within the route of the competition, there will be 70 UK premieres, 22 world, international and European premieres and 6 Scottish premieres, organisers announced as they unveiled the programme on Wednesday.

Glasgow Film Festival

Allan Hunter, left, will be retiring after this year’s competition (Eoin Carey/PA)

They include the UK premiere of Typist Artist Pirate King, which stars Kelly Macdonald and Monica Dolan and tells the memoir of valid-existence, outsider artist Audrey Amiss whose “extra special” physique of labor changed into once completely chanced on after her death.

Other highlights include Paul Mescal and Emily Watson in God’s Creatures, which is determined in a shut-knit Irish community ripped apart by allegations of sexual assault, while Nicolas Cage plays a seasoned buffalo hunter in Gabe Polsky’s Western titled Butcher’s Crossing.

Allan Hunter, co-director of GFF, who will be retiring after this year’s competition, said: “It’s miles repeatedly a thrill to accumulate the curtain on the GFF programme.

“The string of hand-picked gems for 2023 stretches from heavenly, recent work by homegrown abilities to the very simplest that world cinema has to offer.”

Mr Hunter said: “Lady and Polite Society are correct the 2 cherries on the cake of the competition which is brimming with goodness.”

He added: “Whenever you fancy motion photos then the set else would you get to must be in March?”

World premieres include The Freedom Machine, in which Scottish movie curator Jo Reid uses archive photos to explore how females aged the bicycle as a capacity to emancipation, while James Label, the man dubbed the Springburn Scorsese, returns with Canine Days, which explores the memoir of a musically proficient, homeless Dundee man.

Glasgow Movie Festival 2023 will shut on March 12 with the UK premiere of We Are Lady Factors creator Nida Manzoor’s feature debut, Polite Society.

For its 2023 Nation Center of attention, the competition is focusing on Spain, showcasing a set of eight contemporary motion photos from that country.

Amongst the retrospectives, the In the Riding Seat strand will feature females taking set aside of their lives with free screenings of titles including Bonnie and Clyde, It Took place One Evening, Pierrot Le Fou and Thelma & Louise.

Nearly four in 10 (39%) of the feature motion photos at this year’s competition are directed by females, rather then the free retrospective and the Gloria Grahame season.

Allison Gardner, co-director of GFF, said that the competition is in a good location and “runs a various mannequin” to the Edinburgh World Movie Festival which ceased procuring and selling after administrators were called in last year.

She said: “I even had been very strict over the years about how we exhaust our funds, we work to a balanced funds, that’s how we compose things, so we know what we’re coming into into profits after which we explore at expenditure.

“So we are in a good location and it’s genuinely thrilling for us to placed on GFF23 after just a few turbulent years the set we were wholly on-line for 2021, 2022 we were now not barely particular the set we were going to head.”

She added: “We are correct genuinely having a compare ahead to 2023 so sure we are in a good location.”

Tickets for the paunchy GFF23 programme sprint on sale at 12 noon on Monday January 30 from GFT Field Living of job, on-line at and via phone: 0141 332 6535

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