Nirvana and The Supremes were honoured with Grammy Lifetime Fulfillment Awards at a prizegiving over the weekend.

Nevermind hitmakers Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl were offered with the prize on the Recording Academy’s Particular Advantage Awards Ceremony staged in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

“There might be a brand unique era of Nirvana fans and I’m valid very grateful for that,” Novoselic told the viewers. “Thanks all, so valid sustain on rocking.”

Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain died in 1994 on the age of 27.

As smartly as, the stars of the iconic Motown lady community The Supremes were also honoured.

Diana Ross wasn’t on the ceremony, even supposing the daughters of the gradual Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard were in attendance.

As smartly as, Nile Rodgers, Bobby McFerrin, the gradual Ma Rainey, Slick Rick ‘The Ruler’, and Ann and Nancy Wilson of Coronary heart also got honours in recognition of their “inventive contributions of prominent inventive significance to the discipline of recording”.

“When I was immediate by the Academy that I was to receive this honour I told Harvey (Mason Jr., chief executive of the Recording Academy), ‘I didn’t sight this st coming the least bit,'” laughed Nile in his speech. “I sincerely fancy the hundreds of those who beget helped me bag to this 2d, and I know I will be able to not thank them all because it would be longer than the total sequels of Big name Wars blended.”

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