Tom Grennan used to be the latest BRITs nominee to be half of Sam Thompson on his Hits Radio demonstrate this week [WEDNESDAY] , Hits UK with Sam Thompson, and the pair had worthy to focus on – no longer wonderful about their plans for the Brits but additionally what Tom made of his latest message from fellow nominee Mimi Webb. A message that Sam could well per chance own had a hand in…

Sam kicked off the BRITs conversation by asking if Tom could well per chance be lining up any collabs with his fellow nominees but – despite this being the third three hundred and sixty five days in a row that Tom’s been nominated – he’s restful a little bit timid when it comes to inserting himself available:

‘If Harry Sorts got here as a lot as me and went ‘I’d possess to attain a tune’ I’d be admire candy bruv let’s attain it but I wouldn’t walk as a lot as Harry and walk ‘I’d possess to attain a tune’ due to he’d be admire ‘who’re you mate? He’d no doubt be admire that!

I’ve met Harry earlier than. He’d accurate provided a brand unique Tesla and he used to be attempting it out and he used to be admire what attain you deem of the Tesla and I went ‘first payment!’. It used to be wonderful short, but he used to be sound and if I stroll past him in the BRITs, I’d be admire congrats on both the Grammy’s. He’s killed it man.’

The one person Tom in fact does must meet is Lizzo, who along with Sorts is performing at Saturday night’s ceremony: ‘Lizzo is the person I must meet – I deem me and Lizzo would catch on properly. I need a bit of that vitality man.’

This admission led Sam to attain a bit of position play with Tom practising how he would attach apart a demand to Lizzo for a collab with Tom being Tom – clearly – and Sam being Lizzo…

‘You alright Lizzo?’

‘What’s up Babycakes?’

‘I adore the flute you respect. You play it properly’

‘Thank you very worthy.

‘I deem you and me are going to be an foremost match, your disclose, my disclose, your flute, my flute…’

Sam also heard all about the aftermath of a prank that he location up on air Tuesday night when he swapped phones with guest Mimi Webb and proceeded to message Tom, pretending to be Mimi, asking in the event that they could well per chance restful wear matching outfits to the BRITs this weekend.

Tom said: ‘I felt wicked I blue ticked her man, but after I got the message I used to be admire ‘what the hell?’ I used to be accurate at house watching something on the TV and I used to be admire that could well’t be proper. My missus used to be there, and I used to be admire ‘scrutinize at that I’m capable of’t attain that!’ So, I used to be admire I’ll come reduction to that. And even as I used to be planning how one can let her down gently she rang me and went ‘By the draw…’

I said thank you for calling cos that used to be going to be awkward man! I in fact scheme it used to be her after I read it I used to be admire ‘I’m capable of’t attain this it’s too worthy stress’

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