Linkin Park‘s Mike Shinoda has a solo song in ‘Weep VI’.

The 46-year-long-established musician published that he has lately started writing song for himself again and one amongst his tracks shall be on the soundtrack for the upcoming terror movie.

In an interview with KROQ, he stated: “Up unless this year, I’ve been doing reasonably a pair of writing and producing for other folk. And I lately sort of got the computer virus to carry out it for myself again. I carry out occupy a brand unique song that’s gonna be within the movie ‘Weep’. What came about is that they’d reached out about: ‘Will you support us with song for the movie?’ And within the dialog I performed them something and so that they had been admire, ‘Oh my god, will we exercise that?’

“I didn’t view it – I’d never had been admire, ‘Oh, we’re gonna build out this tall Linkin Park thing and I wanna build my song out appropriate on high of it!’ That’s not merely planning for me.

“Nonetheless it’s gargantuan planning for Linkin Park fans, because there’s merely extra song – so I’ve got stuff I’ve produced that are other folk’s songs, I’ve got my occupy song, after which we’ve got the Linkin Park stuff. And that’s not even every little thing we’re gonna be doing round this for Linkin Park fans. So it’s a gargantuan time to be a Linkin Park fan!”

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