MUNA command being signed to Phoebe Bridgers’ tag was a no-brainer on story of they possess “mutual admire” for every varied.

The LA trio – comprising Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin and Naomi McPherson – were dropped by main tag RCA Records in 2021, and in addition they drawl they work worthy better on the megastar’s indie tag Saddest Manufacturing facility on story of she is a real fan of their song and in addition they’d well perchance also also be themselves.

Talking to, Katie said: “There are about a things. The premise is trusty mutual admire. Now we possess so worthy admire for Phoebe, now not trusty as an artist, now not trusty as a tag runner, but as a human being. Our total group is crammed with other individuals who we trusty basically love – and now not finest admire working with, but admire placing out with, and that’s so uncommon. Phoebe came into our lives initially trusty as a fan of our song and we were furthermore fans of hers.

“As soon as we bought dropped by RCA… [going to an indie label] was something we had been pondering for a while, thanks to the implies that we in actual fact characteristic as a band. We sound very main tag on story of Naomi’s such a pristine producer, and so it’ll sound admire now we possess a pudgy recording worth range, but we attain plenty with trusty the three of us and a large chunk of time in our little basement studio.”

The crew – who possess shared a stage with Harry Kinds and Kacey Musgraves – had teamed up with Phoebe on the 2021 hit ‘Silk Chiffon’ and launched their first album on the tag, ‘MUNA’, final year.

Meanwhile, Naomi – who dated bandmate Katie – beforehand admitted they abominate being described as a “unfamiliar pop band”.

She said: “Jo and I initially didn’t desire to be labelled as a unfamiliar pop band.

“Even supposing optimistic, in the slay, we’re very overjoyed. I mean, gape at us.”

Katie interjected: “I endure in thoughts you both being smitten by other people now not taking note of the song.”

Naomi persevered: “Yeah, I wished us to be taken severely. Even now veritably the headline about us is trusty admire ‘Irregular pop band’… we discover hit up in June for Pride plenty.”

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