Nova Twins refuse to repeat the secrets of their unfamiliar sound.

The acclaimed substitute duo – comprising Amy Love and Georgia South – occupy conjured up their very believe personal fusion of rock, punk, and hip-hop and they devise no longer want to let on too rapidly about what devices and processes they occupy got to plan their sound after a rival band tried to reproduction them by taking a portray of their gear.

Georgia is a necessary Tom Morello fan but wouldn’t want to sound precisely the identical as her idol.

Talking to the most fresh subject of Guitar World journal, Georgia mentioned: “Tom Morello revealed his secrets a lot later in his occupation.

“Presumably when we’re his age we will stop it. If of us come spherical and occupy dinner at your Nan’s, you invent no longer demand for the recipe! I have not regarded up how Tom Morello will get his sound. I invent no longer want to understand the magic. You occupy to acquire your believe route attributable to there might possibly be already a Tom Morello. When any person idolises somebody too noteworthy, you stop up being like them, but you might possibly possibly never be as just as them.”

Meanwhile, Amy spoke out after the pair – whose 2d album ‘Supernova’ turned into nominated for the 2022 Mercury Prize – were in contrast with Skunk Anansie’s frontwoman Skin and admitted it appears to be like to be like a sluggish comparison good attributable to they’re Shadowy girls people.

She mentioned: “They’re implausible stay, and we occupy now played with them, but as two bands we’re fully a form of. The particular association is clearly we’re Shadowy girls people.”

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