Extinct Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony has printed there may possibly be a “ton of stuff” they would possibly possibly begin from Eddie Van Halen’s 5150 music archives.

The musician says there may possibly be a trove of tracks that the leisurely axe-slayer – who handed away after a lengthy fight with cancer in October 2020 at the age of 65 – left within the support of and his son Wolfgang Van Halen and brother Alex Van Halen have the gargantuan assignment of going thru it.

As smartly because the ‘Comely Right here, Comely Now’ live album from 1992, the band are moreover working on some re-points from the Sammy Hagar years.

The outmoded frontman changed into the singer from 1985 to 1996, sooner than returning in 2003 unless 2005.

Talking to SiriusXM’s Eddie Trunk, Anthony – who changed into within the neighborhood from 1974 to 2006 and modified by Wolfgang – said: “We’re beginning a bunch of the re-danger stuff with the Sammy (Hagar) years, with all his albums, and the first one who will come out regularly is the ‘Comely Right here, Comely Now’ live album that we did in 1992. We’re digging relief into stuff. There is a lot more stuff at Ed’s 5150 studio; Wolfie or Alex will begin going thru stuff there and explore what there may possibly be. There is a ton of stuff.”

Sammy previously claimed he’s now not on talking terms with Alex when requested regarding the probability of a reunion tour or negate in tribute to the rock myth.

There were talks of varying line-americaperforming in honour of Eddie, nonetheless nothing concrete as of yet.

Extinct Metallica bassist Jason Newsted had let hasten that guitarist Joe Satriani and drummer Alex were in talks to position on a special negate.

And while Sammy would catch to be a phase of a tribute, he alleged he’d been ghosted by the sticksman.

Talking on SiriusXM in November, Sammy said: “Up to now as I know, [there has been] nothing.

“There changed into that talk every person heard about Jason [Newsted] being the bass player and Joe Satriani playing guitar and Alex [Van Halen] and all that. Then I bought the call from the management, I bought the call from Irving Azoff, [who] said, ‘Hiya, you wanna absorb you and Mike [Anthony] and Al with a important particular person guitar player?’”

Nonetheless, he instructed them: “There is now not any Van Halen. I don’t care what anybody says.”

Sammy says Alex has a danger with him that he believes he’s gonna “catch to his grave”.

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