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Spotify CEO Daniel Ek seems to hold found an ally – Twitter head Elon Musk – in his prolonged-operating crusade against Apple, and particularly the Cupertino-headquartered company’s App Store.

Musk precise fair now not too prolonged within the past weighed in on Apple’s market presence and the operational implications thereof, responding to a tweet from Ek. Of direction, the latter exec has for a whereas been talking out against App Store charges and policies, and the Spotify co-founder final month traveled to Washington to lobby against “Apple’s stranglehold.”

(September of 2022 had viewed Ek individually discuss over with Brussels with a notion to “urge” an EU antitrust inquiry, and in February of 2023, the European Commission up to this level the investigation to focus particularly on “App Store principles for music streaming suppliers.”)

Meanwhile, Musk himself spoke publicly about the App Store and its owner rapidly after buying Twitter, when Apple temporarily paused selling on the social media platform. Then, Musk in late November of 2022 indicated that he’d had a “precise conversation” with Apple CEO Tim Cook, discussing, amongst varied things, “the misperception about Twitter potentially being eradicated from the App Store.”

However the South Africa-born businessman has once extra taken aim at Apple, as originally mentioned, and this most stylish criticism appears to be like to hold been region in motion by an announcement message about Twitter subscriptions.

“Existing, it takes about a days longer for subscriptions to whisk active on iPhone vs web, as all subscriptions at label want to be common by Apple,” Musk penned late final month.

“This is absurd… How would this scale with every creator on every platform on the obtain?” Ek asked in a tradition-up tweet two days later. “And what about if a platform idea the best price used to be 0% or 10% as a replace of Apple’s 30%?”

“This is becoming a serious scaling say,” Musk replied rapidly thereafter.

Even though it’s unclear what number of extra lawmaker sit downs are on the horizon for Musk (who met with Senator Chuck Schumer to discuss man made intelligence final week), it goes with out pronouncing that his comments about and qualms with Apple can also say essential transferring forward.

Furthermore, Musk recently expressed the conclusion that Apple’s little-worn Twitter profile “would hold many extra followers if it posted swear material,” tweeted his plans to rep a scrutinize at out Spotify’s AI DJ, and even voiced his realizing on Ed Sheeran’s ongoing copyright infringement trial.

Price highlighting in conclusion is that Apple scored a victory in its antitrust showdown with Fortnite developer (and Bandcamp owner) Tale Games about one week help. The presiding clutch largely upheld a outdated ruling in favor of Apple – whereas likewise upholding a partial judgement in favor of Tale beneath California’s Unfair Competition Law.

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