Reduce Cannon has published his annual wage as formulation of combatting claims about his parenting capacity.

In a recent interview for The Los Angeles Instances, the TV personality unfolded about his unconventional household dynamic, having fathered 12 adolescents with six diverse mothers.

Reflecting on the most modern document suggesting he will pay no much less than $3 million (£2.3 million) a yr in child make stronger, Reduce insisted he can compile the money for to cherish his desirable brood.

“That’s not lots of cash,” he acknowledged of the figure. “When you concentrate on my standard of living, I even need to generate no much less than $100 million a yr… Each person thinks Ryan Seacrest has tonnes of cash. I attain the whole lot that he does times 10. Well, not times 10 – times three. Because he does so much.”

Reduce then went on to sigh he does not need to be branded as a “deadbeat dad” in the media on chronicle of he presents for and spends time with all of his youth.

“I’ve been villainised. I hear your total time: ‘You would possibly perhaps not be tell their personal praises for all those adolescents.’ So, therefore, I gain this deadbeat dad title,” the 42-yr-primitive persisted. “Glorious now, the chronicle is, ‘He has a bunch of youth.’ But I’m definitely at a online page now the build I kind not care what other folks know. I would possibly perhaps rather objective characteristic. Or not it is more about definitely being a correct person as a change of telling other folks you are a correct person.”

In diverse locations in the dialog, Reduce emphasised that he isn’t the handiest superstar to have masses of adolescents.

“I imply, Muhammad Ali had a bunch of youth and he changed into as soon as the finest fighter there ever changed into as soon as. Bob Marley obtained more youth than I obtained. These are colossal males,” he added.

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