The Syd Barrett Estate has partnered with Syd Barrett Song Ltd to originate an legit YouTube channel for the late Crimson Floyd frontman’s solo work.

Swedish animator Alex Teglbjaerg has worked his magic on clips to accompany tracks including ‘Terrapin’ and ‘Shadowy Globe’ from 1970’s ‘The Madcap Snigger’ and ‘Dominoes’ from ‘Barrett’.

In an announcement, the Estate acknowledged: “The channel is a pure extension of Syd Barrett’s existing on-line presence and must mute consist of ingenious interpretations of his solo music, with accompanying music and lyrics. In conjunction with the Swedish animator, Alex Teglbjaerg, acknowledged as The Artist on the Border, there’ll be new provocative music videos released on an ongoing basis. This would possibly maybe in the origin level of curiosity on the solo songs which at the birth regarded on An Introduction To Syd Barrett (2010).”

Peter Barrett acknowledged on behalf of the family: “There isn’t all that noteworthy filmed Syd Barrett in the market.

“You’ve already considered most of the cloth and the few bits that pop up are like a flash positioned in the digital public domain. We desire to raise his quirky and poetic lyrics and translate them into photos.”

Animator Alex added: “I try to raise the listener into a Syd Barrett dream of varieties. Syd became once a craftsman when it came to writing intelligent lyrics for his songs. Time and again utilising lower-up methods. That’s what I am making an try to full as smartly. I elevate what we elevate without any consideration, Syd in a room with painted floorboards and gather a model to gape extra. No longer simply zoom in, I try to immerse the viewer in that room by utilizing collages and aspects from multiple sources. However in the tip, the level of curiosity is no longer on the visuals themselves. It lies in Syd’s music and lyrics.”

Within the period in-between, the documentary, ‘Absorb You Bought It But? The Account Of Syd Barrett And Crimson Floyd’, is heading to cinemas in the UK on Would possibly per chance 15.

It’s helmed by punk tale Roddy Bagawa and the late Storm Thorgerson.

Syd co-based Crimson Floyd with Roger Waters and Slice Mason in 1965 as a teen.

Nonetheless, he became once slowly modified by David Gilmour as he battled an addiction to psychedelic pills, leaving the group formally in 1968.

He died in 2006, oldschool 60, from pancreatic most cancers.

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