The Lottery Winners “hate” their title.

The ‘Let Me Down’ hitmakers – which consist of Thom Rylance, Robert Lally, Katie Lloyd, and Joe Singleton – favor they’d chosen a fairly a few moniker due to not handiest are they laborious to build up in on-line searches, they develop bored with tacky puns being made when they’re talked about.

Thom told the Everyday Enormous title Sunday newspaper’s Wired column: “I hate our band title.

“Or not it is successfully too leisurely to trade it however I truly desired to call the band The Monstrous Of us.

“We now were Lottery Winners for 15 years and I create not deem I truly accept as true with ever read an article that doesn’t explain, ‘Oh they hit the jackpot with their novel single.’

“So I space you to not assert any lottery puns!”

However the team had thought to be promoting their novel album, ‘Inconvenience Change Therapy’, with scratch playing cards as a play on their title.

Alternatively, Thom said: “Or not it is one thing we thought of, and I desired to attain it for this album truly however I turned into once told that it is miles a corrupt scheme.”

After years of working collectively, the team are thrilled to accept as true with lastly landed a #1 album, although are finding their newfound fame laborious to take care of.

Thom said: “In case you are a creative, you accept as true with gotten to take care of years and years of rejection.

“So, when suddenly it flips and there is more acceptance and folk are praising you, it is laborious to acquire used to that and flip the steadiness.

“It has been truly laborious to take care of it, I comprise crying on stage and no-one wants that.

“No one is paying for tickets to deem a stout man wail, and I am so sorry it retains going down. I’m hoping I obtain chilly now.”

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