The significant time I visited Lancaster Farm Sanctuary in Pennsylvania, I drove right past it. The nice Mount Pleasure property is tucked into a neighborhood adore a rural speakeasy. Down a long driveway and around a windy gravel direction is the animal sanctuary owned by Jonina Turzi and Sarah Salluzzo.

The property also involves a super dwelling, divided into sections to most effective lend a hand its capabilities: the bottom floor operates as an office and merchandise room, the second floor is their dwelling quarters, and the third floor has visitor rooms for cyber net webhosting chums or fellow animal rescuers. The property also came with a shamelessly friendly cat named Leroy who deemed the present owners acceptable to dwell.

A soar of faith

Turzi and Salluzzo met by way of mutual chums and pursuits. Rapidly into their relationship, they grew to changed into inquisitive about animal advocacy by way of legislation, however they needed one thing extra tangible. In 2017, the pair determined to delivery Lancaster Farm Sanctuary. On the time, they both had other jobs and Turzi also owned a yoga studio in Lancaster. Because Lancaster is this kind of hub of agriculture, it changed into a honest right utter for an animal sanctuary, where they started to rescue cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, sheep, and goats.

In 2020, they determined to enlarge into a higher utter a pair of miles down the same boulevard. The current space is almost eighteen acres of pasture, in comparison to the three acres of habitable land in their old space. Extra space system they are able to delight in the skill to rescue extra animals and answer animal-associated calls from concerned neighbors or local police.


Running an animal sanctuary is onerous work. Says Salluzzo, “It’s miles simple for us to work collectively, however there is nothing easy about running a sanctuary. This work is all day every single day. It’s miles mandatory that we’ve honest right volunteers and neighborhood pork up to feature.” Volunteers be half of for weekly or biweekly two-hour shifts, throughout which they dapper and feed the animals. Frequent chores include mucking barns, laying out fresh bedding, and making obvious water dishes are filled with dapper water. And, in spite of all the pieces, there is continually time to back the lovable residents of the sanctuary, who question consideration and cuddles. Even though Salluzzo and Turzi have and pay for the dwelling, all of the animal rescue and care is donor funded. Turzi and Salluzzo also promote tickets to sanctuary excursions and events and promote merchandise adore T-shirts featuring their loved cow, Jude.

On daily foundation life

Day after day at the sanctuary starts with breakfast for the animals, cleaning all dwelling areas, and health assessments.

In the evening, everybody gets dinner and is tucked into bed. They realized to adore the animals by way of past lived trip, coaching, moderately a pair of reading, and finding out any system they are able to. Explains Salluzzo, “We inquire of moderately a pair of questions of our vets and are trying to learn as great as we are able to to continually strengthen the care the animals are receiving. Jonina is a health care provider of bodily therapy, and, even though the animals finish delight in varying anatomy from folks, moderately a pair of the basic principles are the same, which has been precious to the rehabilitation of many of our animal residents.” Moreover they delight in a pair

of vets who frequent the sanctuary most incessantly and consult over the cell phone.

Animal reviews

After spending an hour and a half at the sanctuary, I already knew the names and personalities of a handful of animals. There changed into Nan the goat, who liked to make expend of my leg as a scratching post for her head, and Gertie, an introverted sheep who most well-liked to undercover agent me from afar. Every animal at the sanctuary has a yarn—some sadder than others. Salluzzo recounts the yarn of Luna, a sheep, who changed into rescued from a livestock auction: “Some chums of ours delight in been in a effect aside to net Luna to the sanctuary, where we bought her clinical lend a hand. After months of rehabilitation, she changed into at final lend a hand to honest right health. She grew to changed into most effective chums with Zack, a sheep who loved to expend apples along with her. She lived two immense years at the sanctuary sooner than passing a ways from a disease she had beforehand reduced in dimension. She changed into so gratified right here, and we miss her.”

Connecting with the animals

Connecting folks with livestock is a the significant segment of Lancaster Farm Sanctuary’s mission. Salluzzo and Turzi offer Saturday morning excursions so of us can delight in a deepest trip at the sanctuary. “I mediate moderately a pair of of us would be surprised to take hold of that animals are very a associated to folks in how they process past trauma and take care of their emotions,” Salluzzo says. “We constantly amusing yarn that jealousy looks to be the commonest emotion in folks and animals. Anyone who has some pet chums at dwelling would possibly maybe well very neatly be conscious of this [phenomenon]. There are a pair of animals right here at the sanctuary who net very upset within the event that they feel adore somebody else is getting extra consideration than they are.”

I’m able to attest to the emotional side of animals. On my second focus on over with, we headed to 1 of the barns to chat over with Maya, a calf that had been facing some provoking clinical considerations. She had been headbutted by an overzealous goat earlier within the day, so that they delight in been making an strive to withhold her safe. However she changed into livid over being saved a ways from her animal pals. When Turzi let her out, she strutted within the reverse direction adore an irate toddler, making huffing noises and having a tiny calf tantrum.

After she cooled off, she followed Turzi into the pasture to reunite along with her furry costars. The afternoon solar had burned off, and the self-discipline changed into filled with happily munching goats, sheep, calves, and Jude, their inquisitive steer who saved taking mountainous licks of my flannel shirt. Kevin the goat figured out how to delivery my digital camera earn by pulling the zipper with his mouth.

Going vegan?

It changed into easy to fall in take care of with these animals and delivery questioning my have food decisions. It’s no shock that your total crew at the sanctuary is vegan. It’s also why the sanctuary’s excursions are so transformative. Even though Turzi’s identity is kind of inextricably intertwined with being vegan (and she has the animal tattoos to expose it), she is cautious to be encouraging and nonjudgmental, drawing near my weight-reduction plan with curiosity and programs adore “How finish you’re feeling about kidney beans?” Her knowledge of animals is spectacular and great, and it’s sure she and Salluzzo are the correct of us to answer to this calling.

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