Kim Kardashian has accused Kanye West of spreading a rumour suggesting she as soon as had an affair with Drake.

Throughout the latest instalment of her family’s actuality show, The Kardashians, the TV persona claimed it was her ex-husband who started hypothesis that she had “curved up” with the hip-hop well-known particular person within the previous.

“Even through all of the craziness of all the pieces that Kanye says about us, I never comment, I never post. He has made up the most insane narrative about you, and the tape, and we have still, we have still through the final lies, the final stuff,” Kim instructed her mother Kris Jenner. “And the particular person that was speculated to guard me – and still does interviews announcing they’ll be my forever protector – is the particular person that’s hurting me the most. He was the particular person that started a rumour that mentioned I was hooking up with Drake… our entire marriage… he accused me of that publicly.”

Moreover as, Kim claimed that Kanye customarily requested for “approval” over what she mentioned about him on the TV show or correct through interviews. She also emphasised that she finds it anxious to be linked to the Stronger rapper and his controversial behaviour, in particular after he hit headlines slack final year for making a string of offensive remarks about Jewish americans.

“I in actuality feel unhealthy, and I produce no longer know why I in actuality feel unhealthy. And or no longer it’s love, ‘I produce no longer know what to produce, I produce no longer want to be a fraction of this narrative,'” the 42-year-aged added. “And or no longer it’s love, ‘When is this ever gonna discontinuance?’ It never will… I’m stuck with this for the relaxation of my existence.”

Kim and Kanye, who half four younger americans, had been married from 2014 until their divorce was finalised final November.

The vital episode of The Kardashians season three was released by plan of Disney and Hulu on Thursday.

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