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Yeezy Confronted $75 Million Frozen Asset Declare from Adidas Last Year, Court Documents Level to

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Adidas Yeezy frozen asset order

Photo Credit: Kyle Brinker

Adidas filed correct action to freeze $75 million in assets held by Kanye West’s Yeezy stamp final one year.

Nearly unsealed court paperwork first came upon by Regulations360 revealed the discovering. Records display Adidas filed the case on November 11th of ultimate one year, staunch a pair of weeks after the company publicly announced its split with the rapper over crude antisemitic feedback. Adidas sought to freeze the funds to forestall the rapper from shifting them whereas the 2 parties worked out their disagreement in non-public arbitration. The spend within the case granted the expose on an ex parte foundation—no longer giving Yeezy an opportunity to respond. 

“Petitioner has demonstrated that it has overjoyed the grounds for an ex parte attachment since the court is overjoyed that there may be risk that Yeezy will fetch or dissipate assets if seek of this seek data from for attachment is given to Yeezy,” Accumulate Valerie E. Caproni writes within the November 11th expose. Kanye West himself confirmed this on November 22, when he spoke to a celeb data outlet asserting his 2024 presidential candidacy. 

“The motive I’m asserting that I’m working for president is I favor the FCC to search for at my money,” the rapper told the outlet final one year. “Within the event that they in point of truth search for, I change into as soon as my money, and there may per chance perchance perchance want been a risk that Adidas wouldn’t have went into JP Morgan and iced up my tale and set a $75 million retain on four different accounts.” 

“I went from being a multi-billionaire to no longer even being ready to voice my Apple Pay four nights ago. I couldn’t voice my Apple Pay because in a plan Adidas change into as soon as ready to legally race in and freeze my money, and after I search for this, I mediate, neatly, if this also can happen to me, this also can happen to other American citizens, and for what? You are privy to it’ll happen to an American that didn’t even pick one thing, that didn’t even wound anyone. This can even staunch happen to you for pronouncing the inappropriate thought out loud.”

These claims went reported but unconfirmed, since court records had been sealed. A ruling from Accumulate Caproni unsealed these records earlier this month, pronouncing Yeezy’s discussion of said asset freeze in an interview formulation the paperwork no longer must always be sealed. 

Yeezy is at display combating Adidas on whether or no longer the asset freeze must always remain in situation going forward. His lawyers argue that Adidas has no longer supplied ample proof that it wished to be granted an asset freeze within the first situation. Within the interim, Adidas lawyers argue that Yeezy will correct away employ the funds “misusing Adidas property and rendering an award against them ineffectual.”

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