23 Easter Eggs & Callbacks In Cobra Kai: Season 3 | Netflix

23 Easter Eggs & Callbacks In Cobra Kai: Season 3 | Netflix

Are you a Cobra Kai super fan? Let’s find out. Here are 23 easter eggs and callbacks from season 3 of Cobra Kai you may have missed.

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23 Easter Eggs & Callbacks In Cobra Kai: Season 3 | Netflix

With a new sensei at the helm of the Cobra Kai dojo, a three-way feud takes center stage. Old grudges — like Cobra Kai — never die.

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  1. I like how they went back to the basics in this season when Miguel got injured. That kind of resets the atmosphere of the show into its core. I observed that most popular series tend to go far from its roots as seasons go by that it makes it very different from what its supposed to be, thus getting poor reviews. I'm glad it didn't happen with this show

  2. I loved Season 3 and I just finished it for the 2nd time. Thank you for saving the show and this video. Please let the show runners continue their story without any interference.

  3. I had some real problems with Season 3. One thing I didn't like is that at least one of the Big Three said- 3 Major Characters would die in Season 2. Yet, no major died in Season 3. Why did he assure us that at least 3 Major characters would die and it never happened. Did they change their minds on this and either re-Edited or maybe Reshot some scenes so the characters die?

  4. O Naruto pode ser um pouco duro às vezes, talvez você não saiba disso, mas o Naruto também cresceu sem pai. Na verdade ele nunca conheceu nenhum de seus pais, e nunca teve nenhum amigo em nossa aldeia. Mesmo assim eu nunca vi ele chorar, ficar zangado ou se dar por vencido, ele está sempre disposto a melhorar, ele quer ser respeitado, é o sonho dele e o Naruto daria a vida por isso sem hesitar. Meu palpite é que ele se cansou de chorar e decidiu fazer alguma coisa a respeito!

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    … here I wonder – in subsequent seasons, that we fans wanth – you can insert the "return" of these characters too: Terry Silver, who should be interpreted again by Thomas Ian Griffith (… maybe the character – disgraced and no longer a tycoon – back in search of redemption) and the return of Jessica Andrews, played again by Robyn Lively!

    It would also be nice if – as special guest-stars – in one episode (when Daniel goes to pay homage to Miyagi's grave – he could find Julie Pierce and her grandmother Louisa, they too in front of the tomb… if, however, there is the possibility of involving – for one episode only – Hilary Swank and Constance Towers!

    … and – at least during the dialogues – you make it clear that Miyagi – when he was alive – was friend Mr. Han (Jackie Chan from KARATE KID REBOOT) would the top (cool) !

  7. Season 3 was a fantastic third season, i believe we will see Terry silver and Mike Barnes, then Hilary Swank(Julie son) will show up to help the kids and then defeat Mike Barnes.
    Then Sam throws the fight in the final to Tory as Silver & Barnes have Daniel's son hostage
    Season five will have Jaden Smith join miyagi do with teacher Jackie Chan to help as Cobra kai wins the all valley tournament without honour….
    Cannot Wait, it will be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I'm not entirely sure if it's considered an easter egg, but how Sam was frightened of Tory and her father telling her that she would never lose to fear and overcoming the fear is an homage to Karate Kid 3 when Mr Miyagi tells Daniel that he should never lose to fear during the fight against Mike Barnes and eventually winning the whole tournament.

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