A HOUSE ON THE BAYOU Official Trailer (2021)

A HOUSE ON THE BAYOU Official Trailer (2021)

First trailer for a house on the bayou.

Download A HOUSE ON THE BAYOU Official Trailer (2021) from here:



  1. Why are there sexually explicit women with different screen names all throughout the comment section with their bums in the air? Requesting we visit their channel? I haven't seen this before. This is more disturbing than this terrible "horror" movie trailer that popped up in an ad. Something is off… so I've reported them all. Just FYI.

  2. I'm tired of house horror movies (granted Halloween Kills looks like it has various locations), go make a movie based on r/nosleep's Search and Rescue horror stories

  3. 'Muricans: they don't care about basic stuff like freedom or keeping a leash on their gov'mint, but are extremely concerned about the "bad angels" and whether they can avoid going to hell. Newsflash – if all you want is to stay out of hell, you have already paid to have a seat in it. It's not about "not going to hell", it's about whether Jesus is your metric or not. The "puritan" roots of US-ians seem to have clouded the judgement of way too many generations.

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