ABIGAIL Trailer (2020) Steampunk Sci-Fi Fantasy Movie HD

ABIGAIL Trailer (2020) Steampunk Sci-Fi Fantasy Movie HD

ABIGAIL Trailer (2020) Steampunk Sci-Fi Fantasy Movie HD

PLOT: A young girl Abigail lives in a city whose borders were closed many years ago because of an epidemic of a mysterious disease. Abby’s father was one of the sick – and he was taken when she was six years old. Going against the authorities to find her father, Abby learns that her city is actually full of magic. And she discovers in herself extraordinary magical abilities.

CAST: Tinatin Dalakishvili, Eddie Marsan, Rinal Mukhametov

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  1. Please. Please. Please. Please. Can we stop with the butchering of old songs sung by young people who DO NOT feel the emotional intent behind the song? This singer does NOT understand nor feel what Delores was singing…not only for Delores's time but the actual time depicted in this trailer. Delores had pain and you can feel it in her version. This version is hallow and gutless. It is a gimmick used by less talented filmmakers and producers to get kids to watch their movie. Guess what? Kids are smart. They'll watch a film because is good. Here's an idea. How about hiring someone to write a decent song that fits the film and use the same young singer? The impact would be greater. Next up. The 9 to 5 remake and some young singer doing a horrible acoustic/hip hop retread of Dolly Parton's theme song. Can't wait!

  2. Ugh, I hate when they take old songs and have someone sing all slow and quiet in order to make it moody. It was ok back with Donny Darko but now? Nope… Also you can't make Zombie by the Cranberries any better. It's a top 10 most annoying song for a reason.

  3. God this looks so fucking cringe. American accents in a b-movie level steampunk world and a really predictable plot.

    All that good CGi money wasted on shite like this…

    I'm sure moronic pre-teen girls will love it though.

  4. So I guess I'll be the first to say I'm actually looking forward to seeing this! It's not harry pooper, it's not disney wars and the it'll look good on a big screen. 👍👍

    Release date?

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