Abstract: The Art of Design | Ralph Gilles: Automotive Design | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

Abstract: The Art of Design | Ralph Gilles: Automotive Design | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

Step inside the minds of the most innovative designers in a variety of disciplines and learn how design impacts every aspect of life.

In this episode: As Fiat Chrysler’s global head of design, Ralph Gilles steers the brand into the future with sleek new sports cars and a self-driving electric van.

US Rating: TV-14; May not be suitable for ages 14 and under.

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Abstract: The Art of Design | Ralph Gilles: Automotive Design | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

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  1. Hey Ralph, thanks for being an inspiration for a boy, who just finished an impossible project of building his own country Bangladesh's First All-Electric Racing car. I am the one.
    Hope I would meet you anytime anywhere and tell you my story.
    Those who are looking for more details about me, find me on TedXRUET.

    Love you all.

  2. Ralph I am but fan of your work but the reason why Chrysler sucks is because mechanics like me get to keep fixing your products. They just keep breaking and having problems. Just being honest man.

  3. Not many of you know this but this guy once rammed his Jeep into a burning car just to save some people trapped in a Ford product next to it after a horrible auto accident.

  4. Under Daimler Chrysler, the brand Chrysler has introduced more cars then ever before. Chrysler 300C, PtCruiser, Crossfire, Pacifica, Prowler, Aspen, a new Sebring, two new Minivans Town&Country. Chrysler has put out the most beautiful concepts during the Daimler Chrysler era, so it really upsets me to hear in this documentary „that something was off with Daimler buying Chrysler“. If Daimler wouldn’t have bought and invested in Chrysler, I am sure Mr. Kerkorian would‘ve conducted his planed hostile take-over. I am 100% confident that Mr. Gilles knows this. Also many Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge vehicles are still based on Mercedes platforms because they are actually good. What Fiat has done to the design of the Jeep Cherokee, the Renegade, the Chrysler 200, the Chrysler Pacifica and even the design evolution of the 300, is one big disappointment. Go back to your concepts from 1990‘s till 2007. I KNOW Chrysler can pull it off again. But offering ordinary looking cars like the current ones will not help at all. Bring back the 1950‘s inspired car designs, bring back the beautiful Chrysler brand logo and it’s stunning wings from before 2010. But I am very happy that they did not transform this concept from this video into production. The design is unattractive in my opinion. However, I had a glimpse of hope as I saw the design for a planned full-sized Chrysler SUV, rumored to be called „Chrysler Atlantic“. There has been concepts drawings online of one green-white SUV and a smaller one in the background with a stunning silver from grill and beautiful round fog-lights. That design is stunning of the golden brown concept with this beautiful chrome front grill. This design will turn heads, that is the design customers want, that’s a design Chrysler needs to be back in the position of building cars that are so unique and stick out with beautiful art-deco design cars. Please bring back Chrysler!

  5. The best part to me is how he wrote to Chrysler back in the day. Lee Iacocca is such a visionary leader, young Ralph is a good example of how Lee's leadership cultivate the future of car industry. The drive and loyalty of Ralph is something no money can buy.

  6. Some of his old drawings Chrysler should look into making into cars.
    The new concept car looks better as a solid color. Looks like an electric car. I'm not that great on how it looks, but I understand that it's designed with the concept of the interior becomes a passenger space in it's entirety. And that the car is designed with that affecting the overall look because if it looked like a car that you pictured as a car that you drove, it would be at odds with designing a self driving car.
    Enjoyed watching his journey.

  7. One of my fav careers, I`d love to be an auto designer; Chrysler has some of the most beautiful designs ever, the 90s concepts were so iconic you could almost see them on the streets; the 300 first gen with chromed side mirrors it`s a fascinating car to look at; but the real bugs affecting their image is quality, I hope in the near future they`re capable of getting out of it to become a succesful brand, a lot of us think that way, great review, and Ralph congratulations, one of the best designers!!!

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