Aftermath: Population Zero – The World without Humans | Free Documentary

Aftermath: Population Zero – The World without Humans | Free Documentary

Aftermath: Population Zero – The World without Humans | Free Documentary
What would happen if, tomorrow, every single person on Earth simply disappeared? Not dead, simply gone, just like that. A world without people, where city streets are still populated by cars, but no drivers. A world where there is no one to fix bridges or repair broken windows…

After being on the receiving end of humanity for millennia, nature would finally be given a chance to take the world back.

But how would it work? How long would the skyscrapers and houses last if they were abandoned? How would suburban pets fare without people to feed them? How would the forests, the oceans and the wildlife react if there was suddenly an end to all the hunting, fishing and farming?

“Aftermath” is the astounding story of a world that humans will never see. The two-hour special examines the impact of human beings on this planet by proposing what the Earth might be like without people.

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  1. Ever seen those new mini games where AI has 5 million attempts before reaching the exit?
    Same with inteligent life in the universe trying to survive its own mistakes and not kill its entire world population.
    Only those succeding to avoid planetary anihalition are good enough to try and save the universe from its end. Its a game of survival.
    Millions of universes have began and ended but the knowledge is kept on the essence. Singularity is when one universe does not ever end and so does not the species that did it.

  2. After watching this documentary ,I have to say from an ecological point of view we as a human species we are not the natural inhabitants of this world or perhaps in the way we choose to live in the world in which we share with other species.
    Perhaps we should tread more carefully in how we share this world with mother nature.
    We need to start respecting this once very beautiful earth and start preserving it asap!
    If we don't start soon mother nature will kick back and perhaps cause an aftermath population zero all on her own.
    As human beings i think we need to be less arrogant and selfish to our surroundings and gods gift of this earth.
    lesson to learn here i think perhaps we should be more humble and above all not take this planet for granted,

  3. Guy 1: Boy, if the Covid-19 pandemic is still going on, I think the very next day, we won't be around anymore

    Guy 2: Stop saying things. What do you mean next day, we won't be around anymore? There's got be some hope left. It's not the end of the world.

    The next day:

  4. This video is very educational. Leaving it so much to think about. Thus includes the connection of humans to nature and God; the creator of heavens and earth.
    Just to addv, volcanic activities as well, earthquakes and storms will contribute to how the present earth appearance eventually turns into new world after human existence vanished. Thanks for the effort of making this film.

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