ARTEMIS FOWL Trailer 2 (2020)

ARTEMIS FOWL Trailer 2 (2020)

Second trailer for Artemis Fowl

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  1. This movie is diverse but in a bad way. Butler should have been a Russian-Japanese. Make Root a black man instead if you really have to! And also where is our mental health representative and Arty's redeemable point, Artemis' mom??

  2. Disney is here everyone! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!
    hide our Kingkiller chronicles, make sure you lock up the rights to Lord of The Rings
    Where did Mistborn and Stormlight Archives go! FInd THEM!
    What else are we missing please tell me!

  3. Agghhhhhhh!!! I am horified, maybe it will be ok but, what… happened. Holy and Artimis are not even friends in this one. And if you read the book she looked compleatly diffrent. Also they dont save his dad till the second book. I am not sure if i want to cry or scream!!!!

  4. Seriously who are you and what have you done to Artemis Fowl? This is terrible, where should I begin. First Artemis Fowl is a cold and cruel person (in the first book anyway) he is not emotional and soft like this, it takes away his true nature in the first book. He already knows his ‘destiny’ and already wears a suit and is planning to CAPTURE a fairy not stumble upon one and immediately make friends. He does not want to save the world he wants to get a lot (and I mean a lot) of gold (fairy gold specifically). Also Artemis doesn’t fight, Butler does that. True he wants the gold to save his father but that doesn’t mean he is the soft emotional boy this trailer makes him.

  5. Is it that hard to make half movie discovering the fairy world and kidnap holy and all that jazz if fast forward of the first book and the other half save his father for the Russian mafia with his new allies the fairies because he still stole smth from them. Like it's not that hard.

  6. I absolutely loved the Artemis fowl series as a kid, I read the full thing through at least 7 times. What the f*^k was this! They really just took the name and threw 100% of the source material out the window. Screw this, I was so hyped it was getting a movie, but there's no way I'm watching Disney massacre one of my favorite series like this. Someone let me know if Eoin Colfer recovers his senses and stops this nonsense

  7. Is this how Percy Jackson fans felt when watching the movie? I mean, from an outside point of view, I still really enjoyed the Percy Jackson movie, and I'm sure I would enjoy this as well, had I not read the first book…

    "I'm Holly Short, your ally on the other side"
    I don't get it. How did they change the movie so much? He had her hostage for almost the entire book! Why are they all teaming up friendship style? And that dwarf, is that the same criminal dwarf they hired to infiltrate Artemis' mansion? Why is he all willy nilly with them?! I am so confused xD

    I mean, if you like it, sure. I respect that. But this is too much for me o.o

  8. We've waited a long, long time for this film, and when we finally get it, you've gone and changed the entire storyline and messed up the characters? Ugh, this is just like Percy Jackson movie. Did you think Eoin Colfer was that bad a storyteller that you had to re-write the entire thing? When are you filmmakers going to realise that the fans want a movie version of the actual book they read, not your "new and so-called improved" version? Please don't even bother releasing this film if you're not going to do it right.


    Every Artemis Fowl lover that was disappointed after watching this trailer

  9. my main rage with this is that Butler was in no way a giant black man, and Artemis couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag (wet or dry) in the first novel. The rest just adds to the pure table-flipping rage that is another classic being slaughtered.

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