ATTRACTION 2: INVASION Official Trailer (2020) Sci-Fi Movie

ATTRACTION 2: INVASION Official Trailer (2020) Sci-Fi Movie

First trailer for Attraction 2: Invasion.

Download ATTRACTION 2: INVASION Official Trailer (2020) Sci-Fi Movie from here:


  1. The 1st movie was good and the second is insane. Im half way and paused. IMDB reviews cannot be trusted. The critics on their have no idea at all, as a result these movies have been underated. I wonder if it is so because its russian made…This should be in the cinemas. Its simply that kind of epic! Enjoy. If your reading this.. let this be the review your looking for. Come back and thank me later xoxo

  2. I like the movie but I thought Yulia's character was selfish, I don't want to spoil anything but you will see. I didn't see the first movie so maybe I'm missing something regarding her interaction with the Hakon character

  3. I watched this yesterday and believe when I say the visual effects are mesmerizing in this one. The actings are getting better too and the STORYLINE, it's even more interesting! Worth your time! 7,8/10 from me👌

  4. The second movie is probably better than the first.. Both are stupid but entertaining. The plots are full of holes and the dubbing is beyond awful but the special effects and action sequences are so fun, I enjoyed watching them both.

  5. With Hollywood and the western media keeping giving high scores to mediocre movies and bashing good movies because they don't follow their agenda, it's possible that russian movies thrive and became better and better… The Blackout also is not bad, better than i was expecting with high quality action and effects.

  6. it`s frustrating that the russians have all the means to make a great movie with great special effects, great plots and great actors but they fail so miserably every time…
    I can`t get why all the plots have a gorgeous young woman in the middle and all the action is secondary to a pathetic childish love story…
    it`s always a "strong, independent" woman who does all the shit and the men`s lives are not important as they always sacrifice themselves…
    I guess russians are a profound matriarchal society… and I hate that…
    I don`t care for this actress and her character but the director wants us all to worship her or something… all the movie is around her and her stupid love story…

  7. the first movie was weird and not in a good way..i mean i know they are showing an action packed movie with aliens and all that crap on a very hollywood level visually with nothing to envy to the big studios on hollywood of this popcorn big budget
    type of movies, but the movie felt weird dont know if its was the acting, dont know if it was the script, something related to the story…this one havent seen yet but i dont think they got that far from the first anyway

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