BATMAN V SUPERMAN: Ultimate Edition Trailer (2021)

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: Ultimate Edition Trailer (2021)

Trailer for the ultimate edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Download BATMAN V SUPERMAN: Ultimate Edition Trailer (2021) from here:


  1. I just watched this movie for the first time. I never went out of my way to watch it because I heard it wasn’t good. Tbh they were right. This movie is bad but it isn’t great either

  2. If this movie explains why superman thinks batman knows what "Save Martha" would mean, I might go see the movie. From what I remember seeing this abomination, batman doesn't know Luthor is holding anyone hostage. Let alone Superman's mom. Let alone Superman's identity. Even if batman does know all this, and superman knows that batman knows, then Superman saying "Save my mother" would make a lot more sense. Unless superman also knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne, and knows his mother's name, and it is some psychological trick superman is trying to play on batman by linking their mothers together which seems totally out of character for superman. It's just baffling that such a weak and poorly explained connection with such unnatural dialog would be described by Snyder as "the lynchpin That Holds the Entire Movie Together". If that's the case it should have been done much better, or better yet the script should have been completely rewritten.

  3. 이제까지의 이야기를 뒤엎을 확실한 한방이 없이는 마사 드립을 뒤집을 개연성있는 이야기흐름은 기대할수없을듯.. 그래도 난 재밌게 봤다.

  4. They should remaster The Dark Knight trilogy to 4K also. I recently took another look at it and the camera quality looks severely outdated, especially for Batman Begins. It looks like 720p or something.

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