BEHIND YOU Trailer (2020)

BEHIND YOU Trailer (2020)

BEHIND YOU Trailer (2020)
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  1. I swear what don’t they not fucking understand about “don’t go down there “ I mean there’s a fucking reason why it’s locked They don’t just say it for you to get your goofy ass down there and do what they told you not to do .

  2. It could have been much more better with Mirror content…. didn't thought it would be so worst…. No storyline…. So slow…. And what could be more worst than doing exorcism with Peanut butter 🤣
    The toy is the most important character….😒like seriously…
    You're running from an haunted house and u need your toy first🙄😑

  3. I recently watched this movie. It wasn’t all that bad to me, I honestly thought it was quite different. When I was a lot younger, I was always frightened of mirrors. My mother always told me there was nothing to be scared of, but this movie proved my point.

  4. White people stay doing things they not supposed to: going into basements and attics, looking to evil ass mirrors, reading creepy writing on creepy surfaces, unleashing hell om earth.

  5. After watching The Lodge this movie surpasses it in every way. Yes it's not particularly scary however it is relatable.
    Worthy of a watch though at times you think you've seen it before aka The Conjuring films etc.
    Story line could have been expanded a little more into the history of the house and ghost however critics have rated this 4/10. Considering the rating of The Lodge being 6.6 this movie should have been given at least 5.5/10.

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