BEL-AIR Trailer (2022)

BEL-AIR Trailer (2022)

BEL-AIR Trailer (2022) New Fresh Prince Reboot Series, Produced by Will Smith
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  1. Another pile of shit remake. Just a shame Will Smith has his name attached to this. The original worked because of the popularity of Will Smith at the time as the real fresh prince of bel air, he had great charisma just like he had on the mic at the time.

  2. Reminds me of STOMP THE YARD & a reverse MENACE TO SOCIETY. Meh on why he's in BelAir; LOVE that Carlton now gets to flex his little demon-seed self lol. Kudos to the artist who thought this up a few years back; glad you're getting some shine!

  3. if the world is so fuckin 'WOKE' why are the Banks' not being replaced by Mexicans or Asians?
    And you cant use the It doesn't fit the storyline Excuse,. Or Else your woke asses wouldn't have ruined Literally every piece of original artwork LMAO…

  4. I guarantee none of y'all even know this started out as a Youtube video, and because Will Smith liked it so much he supported it's production. Ya'll need to see the Original Youtube video!

  5. this is wack. I clearly remember a different version of fresh prince than you guys. that shit was 95% hilarious and 5% real af! this is just a drama…. no comedy at all. call is something else entirely… shit Phil ain't even fat or anything and he meets Ashley as a teenager wtf? this could be a great movie but it's not the fresh prince of bel air… it's just lies lol

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