BETWEEN WAVES Official Trailer (2021)

BETWEEN WAVES Official Trailer (2021)

First trailer for Between Waves starring.

Download BETWEEN WAVES Official Trailer (2021) from here:


  1. The opening scene, the innocent white lady being sexually harassed by a black man in a bathtub full of milk immediately told me this was going to be a liberal propaganda film.

    Of course pretty much anything that comes out is pushing the liberal narrative. But They didn’t even wait 30 seconds or one minute into the trailer to push the propaganda.

    So fuck this Trashy soft porn film

  2. Interesting premise. Dreadful trailer. Gave too much away. It’s just this trailer seems to make the film appear action oriented rather psychological thriller type film. A film with an interesting concept like this probably doesn’t need to be or appear to be fast paced. The premise is enough for a cerebral type film. But yeah, interesting film, poorly constructed trailer.

  3. This trailer has more science behind it than the actual bullshit "multi-verse" theory in physics, which is an untestable, unfalsifiable, silly theory that atheist physicists postulate to avoid having to think about God and/or the fact that they still can't even tell us how physical force (gravity) is able to work across the vacuum of space. Therefore, two thumbs up for this movie.

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