Birds of Prey Trailer – Joker Scene and Batman Easter Eggs Breakdown

Birds of Prey Trailer – Joker Scene and Batman Easter Eggs Breakdown

Birds of Prey Trailer 2. Joker and Batman Easter Eggs. Joker Scene, Suicide Squad 2, The Batman Robert Pattison, Wonder Woman 1984, The Flash Flashpoint ►
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Covering new Birds of Prey Trailer 2. Joker Scene and Suicide Squad 2 Explained. Batman Easter Eggs. Harley Quinn Birds of Prey New Footage and Comics Easter Eggs, The Joker, Joaquin Phoenix Joker Movie, Justice League Timeline.

Wonder Woman 1984, Aquaman Movie, The Batman Robert Pattinson Trilogy Breakdown.

I’ll do more Birds of Prey Review and Easter Eggs when the movie comes out!

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  1. All these people hatin on Jared couldn't even play a better Joker 😂 Not only tht but he'd make a badass Joker it was just the DC that dd him wrong, not only tht but u can see they were tryna use a gangsta joker version here so why y'all trippin😂😂

  2. i need jared leto back…..

    incase haters comment, get fucked, don’t care what you think, your opinion is as invalid as your very existence. Only thing that matters is jared leto joker 😸

  3. Cant wait to see the movie! The part of the trailer where Harley does a scene from Gentleman prefer blonds caught my eye. Always loved Monroe's Diamonds are a girl"s best friend.

  4. We need a movie about

    riddler, bane, two face, penguin, mad hatter, poison ivy, Catwoman, man bat, Mr freeze, and more joker

    If you think someone else deserves their own movie please tell me.

  5. I’m so over this version of Harley Quinn man. And the birds of prey were always a team of female superheroes til now. Harley was one of their villains but the team wasn’t. It looks like they’re making everyone the bad guy here and all this lore changing is making my head exorcist pea soup puke spin. Tell ya the truth, the birds of prey show from the early 2000s…was pretty decent. They changed lore too but in a way that worked.

  6. So what have they done with Cassandra Cain? So far it looks like she is nothing like the comic book character: ths super bada$$ martial artist who batman rescured from her abusive father. She looks like some teenage runaway with some street smarts similar to the Selina Kyle in the early seasons of "Gotham." If so it is a disservice to one of the most interesting characters in the DC comic book universe.

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