BIT Trailer (2020) Vampire Horror Movie HD

BIT Trailer (2020) Vampire Horror Movie HD

BIT Trailer (2020) Vampire Horror Movie HD

PLOT: A transgender teenage girl on summer vacation in Los Angeles fights to survive after she falls in with four queer feminist vampires, who try to rid the city’s streets of predatory men. #Bit

CAST: M.C. Gainey, Nicole Maines, Diana Hopper

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  1. Tryin' to look at this with a compactly neutral eye here, but the best that I can get from what I see in this trailer is that the people that made this movie are a complete bunch of 'try hard's The overall cinematography looks pretty good, so I'll give them that.

  2. imagine a movie guys, all the vampires are white males and they don't make a single woman vampire. they say "women can't handle power" and they just kill females left and right.
    just kidding, that would be sexist, misogynist and lynched like crazy.
    feminists should go and watch this movie and start masturbating themselves. when the scene that the woman says "men can't handle power" they'll wash the saloon away. amazing, just fucking amazing.

  3. do they think a trans person and feminist film with men hating is going to attract men which are probably the most into vampire films. hmmm i dunno but they cant exactly cry about no wahmen leads in vampire films with underworld series with kate beckinsale an absolute badass.

  4. Who else just came here to read the comments and say bruhh to everything coz their right? This movie go become the next dumpster movie. AND GEUSS WHO THEIR GOING TO BLAME…..come on u can do it…..MEN.😑

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