BLOOD VESSEL Official Trailer (2020) Horror Movie

BLOOD VESSEL Official Trailer (2020) Horror Movie

BLOOD VESSEL Official Trailer Movie in theatre Soon.

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  1. This movie is pretty good it deserves better i mean if you dont want to watch that garbage twilight bullshit… Ive been waiting for a vampire movie like this…

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  3. It definitely does have that strong Death Ship vibes in some of the footage in the trailer here. It's almost like the creators used Death Ship as a loose visual story base and made lot of serious changes, adding new things replacing lot of things. I believe it's a good thing as Death Ship wasn't good movie to begin with. I wish Death Ship would have been better. Blood Vessel does looks like a better movie based off the trailer alone, but I doubt. Even Death Ship once almost feels like it was going to be well made, but turns out to be meh.

  4. wars are fought by simps who are p@@@ whipped… as evidenced by how this lame movie ends. Socalled black dude dies before middle of movie and the solo pale skin female survives…as does the vampire…so to speak

  5. I just watched this and am shocked that its only got a 5/10 rating. Its no blockbuster but its a great vampire movie with a great cast and a really good story. Honestly I think people just like hating on movies because there not big budget movies. If your a horror fan or vampire fan you will love this movie. I'd give it a 8/10

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