BODY CAM Trailer (2020)

BODY CAM Trailer (2020)

First trailer for Body Cam

Download BODY CAM Trailer (2020) from here:


  1. Definatly will watch this one. Cant be any worse then most POS indie horror thats out there. Atleast this seems like a real movie, with better then crap actors in indie films. I hate indie crap. Should be banned 😁

    Oh and yes, I dont watch such garbage, and neiter should you . Indie = total waste of time!

  2. Seeing the title, I thought, "fuck, I'm gonna throw up if I watch this". I'm thinking this is not. I'm glad studio are making less these type of shaky "actual left behind footage" movies anymore. I think they finally learned the lesson that some people can't watch shit like that even if their lifes depend on it.

  3. Trailers always hype up bad movies.
    I see this as a slow build up movie where we drive around a lot and the only action we get is a few shooting scenes.
    I hope this movie turns out to be good and everything i just said will not happen, for some reason i get the Sinister vibes from this movie.
    Hopefuly the first Sinister movie.

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