BOOKS OF BLOOD Trailer (Horror, 2020)

BOOKS OF BLOOD Trailer (Horror, 2020)

BOOKS OF BLOOD Trailer (Horror, 2020) Mystery, Britt Robertson
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  1. The start peaked my interest then it came up Clive Barker. I have read the Books of Blood parts 1 and 2 and I suggest to anyone if you can find them in a library or online then have a go. They are little mini horror stories and he writes them so well that your imagination forms the pictures. Also a must is Imajica (also Clive) I found this book brand new left on a wall and it rates as one of my top 2 books of all time. It is a fantasy more than horror but it has its horror moments and it is just smashing. The other one is called Aztec by Gary Jennings about an Aztec nobody that becomes a tradesman, soldier etc and goes on this fantastic journey through his life in that time. It is one amazing read. I have read hundreds of books in my time and wished I had read more but these what I have told you about, if you are a reader then I recommend them all. You wont be disappointed. I have just realised that in Aztec I will warn you it is very explicit in some areas so just beware as it could make some people very uncomfortable especially with the stuff going on in todays world.

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