BORAT 2 Official Trailer (2020) Sacha Baron Cohen, Comedy Movie HD

BORAT 2 Official Trailer (2020) Sacha Baron Cohen, Comedy Movie HD

BORAT 2 Official Trailer (2020) Sacha Baron Cohen, Comedy Movie HD

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  1. Guys, I want to upset you. It's not funny. I live in Kazakhstan, and it is very sad that a "comedy" is being filmed according to stereotypes. Weren't you defending blacks with the "BLM" slogan, no? This film is all about racism, Nazism and xenophobia.

  2. Эмм…. Лол это не смешно это обсирание народа, мне вот обидно 😔 за таких как вы! По этому трейлеру узнала что вы даже и не знаете что такое КАЗАКСТАН загуглите и увидите что ваше представление вообще не соответствует действительности!!!! И вы ещё за black lives matter????!!! Не смешите меня ;( иии вы против расизма….ахахахах нет детка! Это уже расизм только не о цвете кожи а национальности, дададада вы думаете это всего лишь шутка, и не думаете что кто то будет это воспринимать в серьёз?? Люди разные и ваши тупые стериотипы к чему то приводят….

  3. The gods are just! My prayers have been answered! Thank you Sacha for givings us something truly funny and entertaining! Borat is the man!

    Borat for President 2024!

  4. Some people have learned all their knowledge about Kazakhstan from the 2006 film "Borat", in which Sacha Baron Cohen played a journalist-buffoon. Those who have heard a little more about this country consider it the edge of the world, where the Soviet-era dictator still rules, creating an eccentric lifetime monument in the form of a new capital. Therefore, travelers who actually venture into this former Soviet Republic, located in Central Asia, will be surprised at what they find there.
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    This is mainly due to oil. The largest land-locked country owns more than three percent of the world's oil reserves. It was the first country in the Caspian region to privatize its energy industry and open its doors to Western businesses. Since independence, Kazakhstan has received more than $ 30 billion in foreign direct investment. "Oil money is a very important asset," says Zhanbolat Usenov, assistant to the Kazakh Ambassador to the United States. " it is a tool for economic recovery."

    It can be seen. Rapid development of tourist infrastructure begins. In the former capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty, BMWs and Mercedes drive through the streets, and well-dressed customers sit in lively cafes, bars and Nightclubs. Living conditions for visitors have significantly improved. Among the new hotels that have opened in recent years are the Intercontinental, located directly opposite the presidential Palace, and the first five – star Hyatt Regency Almaty hotel in Central Asia, where the most luxurious room with two balconies, a separate dining room and a marble bathroom costs mind-blowing money-5,800 euros per night. In fact, Kazakhstan, unlike other rapidly developing countries, is not cheap. Counting on wealthy oil businessmen, it has become one of the most expensive places in Central Asia. National cuisine restaurants offer delicious Russian, Swedish and Japanese dishes. Located in an Egyptian – style building, Luxor Wellness club offers pampered visitors hydro and ozone therapy in its Wellness area. The traditional Central baths, called "Arasan", also attract tourists.

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    The attractiveness of this country will only increase. There are already plans for the development of the Caspian coast. The Kenderly beach recreation area project, estimated to cost $ 2.5 billion, will include parks, Golf courses, rides, restaurants and entertainment venues. To attract foreign tourists, wealthy businessmen and those who like to sunbathe and swim, the government plans to build an international airport near the coast at a cost of 320 million dollars, as well as a 170-kilometer railway that will connect the small Caspian town of Aktau with the beaches of Kenderli.

  5. Just exposes, hilariously, how many people are just caught mindlessly moving along in society as its ordered and designed like a puppet and not as agents of free will and independent thought. Their Manners and slavish adherence to following orders from societal cues and expectations just bewildered and stupifies so many they cant compute anything outside the normal script. So he makes look foolish and can expose any contradiction or injustice that characterises the essence of your way of life while you think your dealing with some incoherent person having trouble communicating, while whats being communicated is most clear

  6. I'm from Kazakhstan: Ah Shit, Here We Go Again…..

    I joking, we don't care about this )because black PR is also PR, especially when it's free))) or enter in the search "DIMASH"!!! With love from Almaty!!

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