Cobra Kai | Season 3 Date Announcement Teaser | Netflix

Cobra Kai | Season 3 Date Announcement Teaser | Netflix

As Kreese says, “The story is just beginning.” Season 3 of Cobra Kai premieres January 8, 2021, only on Netflix. And gear up because Season 4 is officially training to join the fight. Cobra Kai Never Dies.


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Cobra Kai | Season 3 Date Announcement Teaser | Netflix

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  1. Here is what I saw
    The fight between Miguel and Bobby
    Daniel and Johnny
    Miguel falling
    Amanda and Samantha Larusso together crying (only Samantha is crying)
    Samantha removing her bandages
    Robby in jail (YES JUSTICE FOR MIGUEL)
    Not to mention Johnny in jail because with the fight of Johnny and Kreisse
    And Tory in a party
    Hawk standing on the ground (has bloody fists and different tattoo maybe some one messed with him who maybe be demitri)
    Kriesse (has bloody nose and bloody mouth )
    And Daniel larusso sad or disappointed
    Miguel hits the stair railing
    Miguel and Johnny in the hospital ( this is Johnny before he fights kriesse)
    Woah super long comment

  2. I am so excited for Daniel and Johnny to put aside their differences and become the ultimate karate duo that defeats Kreese.

    I'm starting to get goosebumps that Mike Barnes will return in Season 3 as he becomes the "Terry Silver" of the new Cobra Kai under the tutelage of Kreese, bailing Robby out of jail with a deal: Mike will train him as his star pupil but he refuses therefore Mike uses one of his tactics: if Robbt refuses, Mike will humiliate Johnny and Daniel in the next All Valley Tournament.

    With Robby having no choice, he reluctantly follows Daniel's footsteps of a Miyagi-Do student forced to join Cobra Kai. With Miguel recovering, he and Johnny visit Daniel because they have nowhere else to go.

    In the Larusso home, Daniel and Johnny reconcile while Miguel is now balanced with Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do teachings combined.

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