Colin in Black and White | Official Trailer | Netflix

Colin in Black and White | Official Trailer | Netflix

What you know isn’t the entire story. From Colin Kaepernick and Ava DuVernay, Colin In Black and White shows the coming of age story of a kid who just wanted to play ball, but was destined for much more. Jaden Michael stars as young Colin Kaepernick in this six-part series about the athlete turned activist’s high school years. Colin In Black and White premieres October 29, only on Netflix:

From co-creators Ava DuVernay and Colin Kaepernick comes Colin in Black and White, a bold new limited series that chronicles Kaepernick’s story, tackling the obstacles of race, class and culture as the Black adopted child of a white family. Colin in Black and White stars Jaden Michael as Young Colin before reaching the highest levels of American football as an NFL quarterback and becoming a cultural icon and activist; Nick Offerman and Mary-Louise Parker as his well-meaning parents Rick and Teresa; and Colin Kaepernick himself, who appears as the present-day narrator of his own story, guiding viewers through a robust and colorfully presented array of historical and contemporary contextual moments. You don’t know Kaepernick until you know Colin.


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Colin in Black and White | Official Trailer | Netflix

Colin Kaepernick narrates this drama series recounting his formative years navigating race, class and culture while aspiring for greatness.

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  1. If there's one person who deserves to have a movie made about their struggle as a black man, it's a bi-racial privileged, multi millionaire football player that was adopted by white people after being abandoned by his black father and given away by his white mother. This totally won't be propaganda.

  2. wtf why don'tyou make movie about Bill gates son next , I heard he has Depression ,Mfers was average at best , Got famous for fakest protesting , became millionare off protesting , got brand deals ,while real people protesting suffered in streets , has all kind of privilege had a awesome childhood lived in a richest , whitest neighborhood , and , now he has money fame , respect ,women , but bitch is still complainng , oh boy , I would give my right testicle to be in Colin's position.

  3. People on here knocking Colin as if the NFL isn't corrupt. Now that's funny. 😂 Y'all so programmed to attack the person and not address the bigger issue. Time to open all those NFL owner emails. 👀

  4. They should just go the whole hog and show Colin announcing the Emancipation Proclamation before leading the Union Army to victory, followed by him founding Black Wall Street and then leading the Civil Rights movement, all before he was 16.

  5. Dude has never been oppressed his whole life. He's always lived a life of opportunity and privilege. Always. He was overblown as a mediocre quarterback and now he's famous for not even being that.

  6. Should be called, "GRIFT-IRON: How Colin Kaepernick Grifted The NFL and Nike into Giving Him a Contract."

    This dudes biggest struggle was trying to come up with a convincing story about his personal hardships while growing up. He was raised by rich white folks, and he has more privileges than 99.9% of Americans. He took a knee because he was about to be out of a job, then he made it about something else.

  7. The first time that he didn't rise for the national anthem, he didn't kneel. He just remained seated. I think he remained seated because he was feeling discouraged about no longer being a starter and then he later had to come up with a reason to attribute his "kneeling" to when he was asked about it. Eventually he made this into a thing where he could say "I wasn't cut for not playing well, I was cut for standing up for what is right and because the man is holding me down!" He is responsible for increasing black tension against whites. They make him out to be some kind of hero for this. Now they're going to make his childhood story into one of tragedy, and facing racism, inequality and hardship. He grew up in a gated, white community and was paid money to play a ball game by country that he disses. He is a bad quarterback, but plays the race card as an excuse more so than anyone who's ever played the game. THIS MAN IS A JOKE AND BLACK PEOPLE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HIM! He's an 'anti-oppression' figure who wears a shirt glorifying Fidel Castro. There is something wrong with Colin Kaepernick! His kneeling towards the flag implies that the negative views held by some people in this country are the fault of the government. None of this makes any sense, but of course 'Woke America' can't figure that out.

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