Coming Sept. 4 | Mulan | Disney+

Coming Sept. 4 | Mulan | Disney+

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  1. Wonderful fantasy! Not even sure she's a Han Chinese. The earliest source of this story is a poem ballad from the Tang Dynasty when China had allies, and foes, among the nomads in northern and western China. Han Chinese didn't have mandatory drafts. The nomads did. Han armies, like the Romans, were foot soldiers. Nomads of course were all calvaries. The poem talked about her buying horse and accoutrements in the local markets. And the battles were north of the Yellow River. Also, the poem called the emperor, "Khan", which is what the nomads called Tang emperors. Han Chinese never did. But when you hear a good story, you want to make it your own. (As Han Chinese also transformed the Manchu characters in the popular Qing Dynasty novel, "Dream of the Red Pavilion", into Han people.) Besides. After the Tang Dynasty, Han people fell apart and China was conquered by nomadic barbarians repeatedly. As Han males were not able to protect the homeland (as the poem said, her father was old and she had no older brother), Han women turned to this legend for hope and made her a Han Chinese fighting the invadng nomads to protect China. She has remained popular ever since.

  2. I’m also still not going to pay $30 additional regardless of how long I’ve waited for my favorite Disney Princess’ live action to become a thing. Does the money count for its quality? Because if so, a witch who can shape shift really doesn’t sell quality to me. I don’t dislike the actress. But I wish they could’ve stuck a bit more to the character line up…. if their intention was to make this more realistic and true to the original Mulan story. There wouldn’t be a witch.

  3. Im not paying $30 to see this movie; thats just stupid, It doesnt even have the dragon. That was my favorite part of the original film. Ima go watch it for free on one of them free streaming services on the interwebs.

  4. I really like how the producers tried to keep the movie with it the actual Chinese culture and history. I know a lot of people are mad that it’s not gonna be like the Disney movie but there are lot of mistakes in the Disney movie that do not portray the Chinese culture appropriately. I’m very excited to see the movie come out in September.

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