Coming Sept. 4 | Mulan | Disney+

Coming Sept. 4 | Mulan | Disney+

The legend arrives.

Download Coming Sept. 4 | Mulan | Disney+ from here:


  1. So when does she disguise herself as a man like the original? Not one trailer even shows this as a plot point. You kidding me?? This comment will probably be deleted like YouTube seems to all be about now lol

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  3. The new mulan is stupid because it's not like the original movie and it doesn't have the songs and where mushu and change the huns names and it looks rated r. The movie is not awesome and not cool

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  5. So as a Disney+ subscriber I'm required to pay additional to watch this? Thanks Disney, you can have your subscription back. There's a plethora of streaming platforms available to the consumer these days. I don't recall Apple charging additional fees for their subscribers on Apple+ to watch Greyhound. Nor do I recall Netflix asking me to pony up an additional $30 to watch their new releases. <Insert random stream subscription> – I don't recall being asked to pay additional for THEIR content outside of my typical subscription.

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